Reality Check Needed

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Personal

This is a question for all of you who have kids. I am clearly FAR from perfect and am not always sure of my perceptions so I like to get other people’s feedback on some things, particularly parenting. Here’s the situation.

My son is 17 months old and at the stage where he is very curious and slightly rebellious. So of course he is getting into things, like cabinets, drawers. And exploring his world by touching everything including power outlets. He is also starting to climb things. In my mind he is a disaster waiting to happen, but no different from any other toddler. I have a habit of not letting him out of my sight because of this. Now am I perfect at keeping him in view? No. But if I can’t see him I had darn well better be able to hear what he is doing. If I can’t hear him then whatever I am doing gets dropped immediately and I check on him, usually moving him back to where I can see him. This, of course means I don’t get naps unless he naps. If I am sick, it’s just too bad. I have to power through and take care of him.

This weekend he is with his dad. His father rents a room in a house. This morning I got a call from his Dad’s phone and it was Liam. He was babbling to me with only one word in ten making sense. Every time I asked him to give the phone to daddy he said “no, no, no”, which under most circumstances would have made me laugh. But it was apparent that he had his Dad’s phone and his dad didn’t know. Liam must just have hit the right sequence of keys to accidentally call me and I figured that speakerphone wasn’t on. So I hollered a bit trying to get his father’s attention, but with no success. I didn’t hear his father talking in the background so I got worried. I ended the call and texted his dad hoping the sound of the text arriving would get his dad’s attention. And it did.

His dad called me right back. I asked what was going on and he said Liam was playing on the floor next to his bed and had gotten a hold of his phone. I asked him where he was at the time and he said laying on the bed with his eyes closed. So I got on his case and asked if he had fallen asleep and he admitted that he probably had. I kind of scolded him about not sleeping when the baby is awake because he can get into too much trouble. His dad said that the baby couldn’t leave the room and he was fine. He thought I was overreacting.

My question to you all is, was I overreacting and being too protective? What do you think? Should I have been worried?

  1. Tina, you’re a mom and protecting your baby from harm is what it’s all about. You shouldn’t feel bad about that. My question would be: Do you know what Liam’s dad’s room looks like? Do you know if it’s baby]-proofed? Does the door have a lock that Liam can’t get too? If you reassure yourself of these things, it might make you feel better and not worry too much when Liam is with his dad.

    Sorry, I wish I would have seen this when you posted.

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