Virginia legislators are attempting to pass yet another bill that takes away crucial women’s rights–here’s a Rachel Maddow video about it plus a bonus of a bit re: AZ’s attempt to censor teachers’ speech. I am very worried about my female friends living in that state because of these laws. Here’s why.

The state House passed a “personhood” bill that bans birth control AND it forces women who are trying to get an abortion to undergo a transuterine ultra sound, without the woman’s consent and even in the absence of medical necessity for such a procedure. If you aren’t familiar with what a transuterine ultrasound is, take a look a these pictures of the actual devices (with sarcastic text added to the pictures, of course). Those are actual devices that will get shoved into a woman’s vagina whether she wants it or not. Normally such a procedure is only done if a regular ultrasound isn’t clear enough or doesn’t work for some reason. But it is not the default method precisely because it is invasive, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for both the baby and the mother.

The Republican controlled Virginia Legislature say in the bill that it is specified so that very clear pictures of the fetus can be taken and shown to the mother…it’s how they intend to guilt her into keeping the baby. Never mind that a pregnant woman who is seeking an abortion will already have had ultrasounds before the Doctor will even consider an abortion procedure. Never mind that she hasn’t given permission for them to use that ultrasound method. Never mind that she might not have gotten pregnant in the first damn place if you hadn’t outlawed birth control.

Congratulations, Virginia! Your lawmakers are about to undo hundreds of years of struggle for women’s freedom–notice I don’t say equal right, I’m saying freedom. Because that’s what is happening…they are stripping women of their agency, their ability to make decisions about themselves for themselves….that is called autonomy and when you deprive someone of their autonomy, particularly to this degree, you are enslaving them. If this bill passes, women’s legal status will be reduced to walking baby ovens. I never thought I would live to see the day that this would come to pass. I sure hope NOW, the ACLU, the American Medical Association, and any other medical and women’s groups in this country are ready to battle this as being unconstitutional the second it passes the Virginia Senate. This kind of thing makes me want to go back to school, become a lawyer, and litigate these kinds of Constitutional issues. Enough is enough.

  1. I’m afraid the GOP is creating a generation of young women who will hate — who will be consumed with hatred and fear of their government and of men. If men want to prevent abortions, I propose we mandate that all male babies be sterilized at birth, using a procedure which can be reversed when he is age 21 provided that he is married and has his wife’s written (with photo ID) consent. Now how does a citizen propose a bill . . .

    • drangedinaz says:

      What a wonderful idea! I don’t think there is a single piece of legislation forcing responsibility on males for birth control. Call your state and/or national Congressional Representatives and Senators…not that they really listen but it’s a start. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry, if anyone, anytime, anywhere, sticks anything in my lower orifices without my consent, it’s rape. I wish I knew how to give safe abortions, because the back alley deaths are going to be on the rise again…

  3. I had one of those ultrasounds once, when I was having fertility treatments to help my sister get pregnant. Not pleasant. Kind of embarrassing. I would definitely never let anyone do it with my consent. What is it with all these crazy people wanting to go back to the dark ages these days? I blame Dubya and his religious right for turning us around.

  4. Oops — I mean WITHOUT my consent.

  5. With or without, it is seriously invasive! Anyone who chooses to have a baby might have several of these – but for anyone who doesn’t, this is way scary. Even as scary as an abortion itself is.

    • drangedinaz says:

      I’m not even sure they had this kind of ultrasound when I had my daughter but they did when I had my son in 2010, so I can speak from personal experience. The procedure can be painful and is mortifying, even with my consent…so we are in complete agreement on the offensiveness of this crazy proposal.

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