State Governments are Kidnapping Children

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Discrimination, Illegal Immigration
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Here is a story of an illegal immigrant who lived in North Carolina who had children in the U.S. (so the children are citizens, not sure if the wife is or not, I think she is). Then he was deported and everything fell apart.

With Felipe Montes gone, his wife Marie Montes fell on hard times. She was pregnant with their third child and was surviving on disability payments that she received each month due to illness. Without Felipe’s income and support she could not keep her family afloat. Less than two months after their baby was born, just two weeks after Felipe was loaded onto a plane and deported to Mexico, the Allegheny County child welfare department took the children from Marie and put them in foster care.

E.D. Kain, another AZ blogger, has some important things to say aobut it.

It’s one thing if kids are taken from truly abusive homes and placed into foster care – that’s a state service born out of inevitability and mercy. But when it’s the result of an immoral immigration policy that is at once harmful to the broader economy and to the lives of very real, very innocent people it’s just unconscionable.

I am not anti-deportation necessarily, but the seizing of children who are citizens and not giving them to their parents regardless of where they live is just fundamentally wrong. It has to stop and only REAL immigration reform will suffice. Throwing more troops at the border is not the answer.


  1. Tina, this reminded me of a story I heard on NPR a while back. Not quite the same, but still an injustice to children and families.

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