The Least Among Us

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Arizona Politics, Legislation, Tea Party

Update: forgot to put a source…Plus info from an Arizona Democrtic email…which I am not sure I can publish here without permission

Just when I think the Republicans in this state can’t get any lower, they go ahead and do something to prove me wrong. State Sen. Rich Crandall led the Republican dominated Senate to vote yesterday to end the requirement for school districts to provide guaranteed free and reduced-cost school lunches to Arizona’s neediest children.

Wait, didn’t Jan Brewer crow about how she had “saved” Arizona by making “hard choices” to balance the budget. Why then, is the state Senate trying to cut more things from the budget? I think it is because they can. Tea Party members might respond that They are not denying meals to children but in effect they are. See they are allowing elementary schools to not participate in the National Food Program because new standards are coming out that require less sodium and calorie limits on meals. Evidently the high schools and charter schools have had the option not to participate at all. The reasoning of e senators is that they simply want to make the standard more equitable and give the elementary schools the ability to avoid the “onerous” standards.

Onerous!? Really….making sure the kids only consume healthy amounts of salt and the right amount of calories doesn’t sound onerous to me. Sounds like what they should have been doing all along…and yes, even the charter schools and the high schools. There is a reason we have national standards and its because of exactly this…given the choice of doing something right versus doing it half-assed, local and state government officials will choose the half-assed cheap option. Cheap is often good but not always. It is cheap fast food that is perpetuating the obesity epidemic in this country. Cheap food is unhealthy food.

All of this debate aside there is something else you should know…Sen. Crandall, the force behind this bill, owns a company that, you’ve probably already guessed it, called CNResource that provides school menu consulting. If this bill passes his company will have more schools in the market to pay for their services. I wonder how many of the high schools and charter schools are already his clients. Sounds like a great opportunity for an investigative journalist….too bad there are so few actually left in the U.S. but I digress.

Now I understand that schools are struggling all over the country but they wouldn’t be struggling so much if the states would stop strangling their budgets. There are other, better ways to to cut the budget IF it is necessary. Which it isn’t at the moment. Call your state Senator and tell them to leave school lunches for underprivileged kids alone.

  1. Bloggers are the new investigative journalists! Hubby was just telling me how Irish professional news sources are stealing from bloggers and vice-versa. I really think you are on to something with the bill’s supporter, that is truly a news-worthy conflict of interest scandal. What can we do to get the news out to the people that matter?

    • drangedinaz says:

      Yeah it is that way here in the US, the press is relying more and more on unpaid bloggers….pathetic for the supposed journalists. I got the info about the Senators company from the head of the AZ dems so the people in power know. I suppose I could contact a reporter at the Phoenix New Times…they investigate more than anyone else.

  2. Riqui Arden says:

    This is from a group of people who officially labeled pizza as a vegetable.

  3. I didn’t hear about this at all! Did you end up contacting the New Times? It seems such an obvious conflict of interest. It can’t be legal. Can it?

    • Drangedinaz says:

      Unfortunately it could be legal….it really depends on state laws….but it sure as heck isn’t ethical. I haven’t yet tried to contact New Times but will go do that right now.

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