More to come

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Personal

Since midnight I have received many well wishes and happy birthdays from friends and family all over the country. And they have been very, very welcome. Today was better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better still. So if you read my personal post from yesterday and were worried, please don’t be too worried. I wouldn’t have made it to today if I wasn’t pretty darn tough. Just remember that I tend to be a bit hyperbolic and I mostly do it to make people laugh. However the tendency to exaggerate doesn’t help in those situations where seriousness is called for, so I will try to be more careful of my word choices when I discuss personal and difficult topics. I leave you with some words from one of Beyonce’s big hits….

I’m a survivor (What?)
I’m not goin’ give up (What?)
I’m not goin’ stop (What?)
I’m goin’ work harder (What?)

  1. Beyonce?!? I’m surprised 🙂 And my iPad changed it to beyond… Ha! Happy birthday, dear! I for one amn’t worried about you – the battle is half over if you can talk about it (publicly, nonetheless)!

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