Posted: February 9, 2012 in Personal

Today, during my lunch hour I signed away my house in a short sale.  An investor is paying cash for it and I suppose I should feel lucky that the bank is accepting the much lower price.  Also, a short sale is much better than a foreclosure on my credit.  For some reason I don’t feel better about it but intellectually I know I should.  It’s probably because tomorrow is my 42nd birthday and I’ve been working my ass off since I was 14.  I still don’t have anything to show for it.  But it shouldn’t be about what I “own” to “show” anyone.  I know all this but right now my internal pep talks are falling on deaf ears.  The entire situation depresses me, to be honest.  My goals for the next few days are not to feel sorry for myself and to not let the sadness weigh me down.

  1. Sorry to hear it. I’m not big on platitudes, about the best thing I can say is it won’t hurt forever. I doubt your house was about showing anyone anything – it was yours, and that was the point. We’ve considered doing something similar to a short sale with our house, but only to try and buy it again at a lower price than we paid for it in the property boom. Of course that’s not guaranteed, but we can either pay the mortgage or the credit card in a month – not both…

    • drangedinaz says:

      Is your house here or in Ireland? If in the U.S. The new settlement they announced today might be able to help you out. How rough is the “austerity plan” they have implemented in Ireland? I have heard a lot of people talking about how draconian Ireland has been.

      • Ireland – I never came anywhere near close to being able to have my own property in the US. They did just come up with a mortgage relief plan here that we’re checking into. The austerity measures don’t really affect us: other than the sales tax rate now being 23%. But it was 21% so not a huge change. They are putting in water charges, and a form of property tax – both of which the country has never had. And they’ve always taxed twice on cars, it’s horrible…

        • drangedinaz says:

          Wow twice on cars? Can you imagine if they did that in the US? They would raise a bazillion dollars.

          • Two bazillion! My whole country’s population is just over 4million – the county I lived in in Ohio had 3 million when I left in 2004! Even more fun is that the insurance on any car 2 litres and higher engine size costs a small fortune to insure. If I’d even considered bringing my 1991 Firebird over here, I couldn’t afford to put petrol in it or insure it. Or even find a place to park it – one door on that beast was nearly as long as our Mini…

          • drangedinaz says:

            Funny I forgot how much smaller cars are in Europe. I’m sure you already know this but most of the old cities with their original streets were only two horse teams wide, hence small cars…too bad we didn’t have similar limitations many consequences because of our geography!

  2. Two? A wealth of room 🙂 I took pics of the ‘road’ up the mountain, but I drive down two roads in town every day that are one car wide, but not one-way! Always an adventure. I was shocked when I first moved here and saw ‘SLOW’ painted on the road…and 3/4 of the ‘W’ was in the other lane because the road was too narrow to fit the whole word. This is the whole reason I decided to learn to drive a motorcycle – at least it fits on the roads! I get culture shock when I go back to the US now. Lordy, I could do a whole blog post on that!

  3. Riqui Arden says:

    I’m just so sorry Tina. I really wished things had worked out for the better. Look at Liam’s smiling face for he is a wonderful boy !!!! Happy Birthday !!!! Take the kids out for great dinner and some good family time, they will sooth the hurt better than anything else out there. HUGS !!!!

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