Well I’ll be dipped…Sheriff Joe finally flinched. The DOJ had scheduled a meeting for yesterday, but told the MCSO that if Arpaio wanted to continue disputing the findings the meeting on Monday wouldn’t be necessary. In other words the Feds told Joe to put up or shut up, and Joe flinched. I wonder what changed from previous weeks when Joe Arpaio was full of the usual arrogance and self-righteous indignation. Now he is willing to be conciliatory and both parties issued a joint statement saying they expect to have everything settled by April 15th.

I honestly think that Arpaio read their charges but initially didn’t think they had enough proof and would never actually file the law suit, but someone told Joe something new, something very concrete and damaging, and/or the Feds showed just how serious they were about filing the law suit against the MCSO. He knows that the Feds don’t like to file unless they’re pretty darn sure they will win, so when they said meet us Monday or we will file on Tuesday, Arpaio probably knew the jig was up.

Now let’s hope that removing Arpaio from office is the first thing that happens. The culture of corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and all kinds of bad “isms” starts at the top at the MSCO and the line officers, most of whom are innocent of wrongdoing, are biding their time until Arpaio leaves. I am sure many of his officers will breathe a big sigh of relief, privately of course. They would never step outside of that blue line, but you’ve gotta figure a lot of them have been suffering Arpaio’s time in office.

Still even if the bad culture didn’t emanate from the top, the Sheriff is the boss. And a boss is supposed to know what was going on and have anticipated the problems his agency would face. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that any of the following scenarios might cause your agency grief such as the big round-ups and enforcing SB1070, an incredibly unpopular law (at least outside of AZ), or all those suspicious inmate deaths and inappropriate behavior in county lock ups, or the failure to investigate hundreds of serious, violent sexual assault cases, pissing off victims and their families….one would think that a rational man would have thought, ‘perhaps I am overreaching…trying to do too much…making too many waves’. But not good ol Joe. Funny how pride always goeth before the fall.


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