Just some thoughts about the goings-on in good ‘ol Arizona:

1. phone banking for Pres. Obama starts this week on Tuesday night, if you would like to volunteer here is the info: https://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/phonebank/gpps4p–wish I could but I have the baby…
2. Russell Pearce, Republican state senator recalled by his own conservative constituents because of his extremism is going to run for office again. Guess he didn’t get the message. I hope voters send him the same message again.

3. After the state senates despicable maneuver to push through legislation to crush unions in Arizona earlier last week, it occurred to me that Gov. Brewer’s little histrionics when she “welcomed” Pres. Obama in the week previous was probably not only calculated to drive up sales of her book but also helped to gin up the base and state Republicans so the would support the union busting legislation. I mean, Gov. Walker’s visit probably wasn’t a last-minute thing….they all (the state GOP) knew he was coming to town. The Goldwater Institute has been “studying” this issue for a while. I think Gov. Brewer timed everything not only to her personal advantage but to the advantage of the party. She may not have command of English grammar but she knows her politics (or at least her handlers do).

4. The union busting bill under consideration in AZ would not only affect teachers, but nurses, firefighters and a ton of other important professions who not only make our quality of life better but they protect us from the worst that life dishes out. They deserve some consideration. It’s bad enough that this state is a “right to work state” and I never thought I would say this but a “right to work” state is a better situation than what is being proposed.

5. I usually support Pres. Obama in a lot of things (but certainly not all). I sincerely wish that his current pressure to get legislation for helping underwater homeowners refinanced under the historically low-interest rates had been attempted a year or two ago. I would have helped me avoid my own short sale (which is going to close this week on my birthday, the irony, eh?) and have kept me in my own home. I’ve been saying since I started this blog that the current number of underwater homes and potential foreclosure wave would sabotage this recovery if something was not done. And I’m not economist, clearly! And my calls for this kind of action were seconded by very smart and well-known economists (like Paul Krugman), who everyone kept calling “shrill”. Who is “shrill” now? Those in denial of the underlying housing weakness in the economy (Mr. “let them foreclose” Mitt Romney for instance).


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