In less than 48 hours GOPstate senators propose, voted, and passed on SB1485, a bill that would ban collective bargaining for any employees of state and local school governments. They relied on the advice of the conservative think tank The Goldwater Institute and on governors from other states who have implemented similar measures like Scott Walker from Wisconsin–you know the one that is in the process of being recalled for doing exactly this, banning collective bargaining. Governor Brewer is calling for even stricter terms asking state employees to give up the right to appeal dismissal or demotion in exchange for a 5% raise. Nothing like holding people hostage in hard timres, eh?

The GOP claims it will save the state money but the truth is that workers in AZ don’t technically have collective bargaining and what they do have, a “consultation” of sorts, this bill would also get rid of. This is a “right to work state”, which actually means the opposite of what it sounds like. It is better described as “the right to be fired without just cause and little to no redress”. In any case, this bill doesn’t just ban bargaining it specifically says that the state will not automatically withhold union dues and will not allow employees to meet for union business during work hours. Essentially it is intended to strangle the unions out of existence.

Why would they want to do this? Because of the top 10 donors to political parties in the U.S. 3 of them are unions. And who do they typically endorse? Democratic candidates. If you eliminate the unions what is left are mostly Conservative SuperPACs known to be funded by the usual cast of characters. One example is the Koch Brothers (billionaires in the oil industry, who BTW fund The Goldwter Institute). They were also instrumental in funding and supporting the union busting efforts in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and they are working on it in other states. So eliminate the unions and the only big donors left are Republican donors sponsored by large corporations.* Looks like while America as sleeping Democracy died only to be replaced by a Plutocracy and the average conservative voter doesn’t understand that to these wealthy conservatives, they are just tolls and more workers to be used up and thrown away. Wake up Arizona! Fight this now or give up on democracy. This IS the line in the sand.


*this info from the Rachel Maddow Show last night…am trying yo find online version to post here…will update with it when I find it.

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