Did you notice in the news that one of the largest Cancer non-profit organizations has cancelled it’s donations to Planned Parenthood? The Susan G. Komen Foundation, which focuses on breast cancer and sponsors frequent events all around the country (you would know them by their Pink Ribbons on everything), bowed to pressure from conservative groups and politicians and will not be donating over $500,000 annually as they have in the past.

Why? The Komen’s publicist says that it’s because Planned Parenthood is being investigated by Congress. The real reason is that a new senior vice-president at the Komen Foundation is a staunch pro-lifer and Republican–she even ran for Governor of Georgia. The investigation is an excuse and we know this because sources INSIDE Komen told Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic. Indeed, one of their senior officials resigned in protest over the move (you can see her full statement in Goldberg”s article). So it was partisan move, done on purpose as the result of malice. The pro-life crowd would counter that it was done out of principle and not out of malice. I will address that point in a moment, so bear with me.

How can they use the excuse that Planned Parenthood is being investigated by Congress? Because they really are, but the more important question is why. A Republican Representative from Florida, Cliff Stearns, launched the investigation at the prompting of pro-life groups who have accused Planned Parenthood of using federal government money to fund abortions (which is a violation of Title X that says no agency that receives federal funding can use that money for abortions). Planned Parenthood says it has never used Title X money for abortions, that it keeps that money separate and funds those procedures from other income. The pro-life groups have no proof otherwise but they are really, really noisy. And you know how the noisy wheel gets the grease….well evidently the noisiest activist group gets an investigation on their target of choice.

Let’s look at the facts (something pro-life groups aren’t very good at). ONLY 3% OF THEIR SERVICES ARE ABORTIONS, a procedure that is, by the way, legal in the U.S. according to Roe v. Wade (that and the fact that Roe V. Wade was actually a very good compromise between allowing any and all abortions to allowing none whatsoever–it IS the middle ground and needs to remain in place, but leave that for another day). That means that the other 97% of services are about other things like pap smears, mammograms, breast exams, contraception, tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, etc. for the poor. They help on average 5 million economically disadvantaged men, women and children every year that would not otherwise be able to afford these services, and this in turn helps the rest of us. It is completely illogical for conservatives to say that Government should not be providing social services like this and that private organizations should, when they attack and try to destroy any private agency that DOES provide those services.

The value of these services are so important and so obvious that I’m dumbfounded as to why they have been a constant target for conservatives for far too long. And now the Komen Foundation is piling on. So they say it was principle and not malice? That’s hard to figure since the reality is that by withdrawing ther funding Komen is consigning quite a few women to having to go through the nightmare of breast cancer and some will die as a result. That is the very thing, the single issue, that the Komen Foundation was created to help stop. Congratulations, Komen Foundation! For this stupidity you win the “Cutting Your Nose Off To Spite Your Face” Award.

Here’s some more important final facts: I will NEVER AGAIN buy anything with pink ribbon on it nor donate to any organization having anything to do with the Komen Foundation. I will start contributing money to Planned Parenthood. It seems a lot of other liberals and moderates out there feel the same way because money is streaming into Planned Parenthood today…..if there is any justice or karma at all, Komen will suffer a drastic loss in support and Planned Parenthood will only gain from it.









  1. Sigh… I’ve used PP when I was flat broke, and the care I received was undoubtedly the best I ever had – the doctor actually told me what she was doing, and treated me like an intelligent human being. I don’t know what is going on over there any more, it scares me. It appears as if the fundamentalism of one religion has inspired another to go a bit…crazy.

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