Why is it that the GOP, particularly the AZ state party, is so stubborn?  They held their winter meeting over the weekend and elected Russell Pearce to the First Vice Chair position.  You should remember Pearce….the Nazi-befriending, brown-people hating, unconstitutional law writing former state Senate President was the first legislator to be removed from office via a recall election in November last year in the entire 100 year history of Arizona.

You would think that the state GOP would take the hint that this man’s extreme views and intransigence was unacceptable to not only the Democrats but also to his fellow Republicans in Mesa.  After all, his opponent and victor of the recall was also a Republican.  His opponent won because he promised to work with the other side.  Instead they are going to double down on stupid and do something completely tone-deaf to the voters and put Pearce in a position where he will shape future elections and candidates in the state.  It figures….




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