Race for the GOP Nomination: Some Thoughts

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney
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1. Gingrich is turning into a Democratic candidate! He thinks that Romney’s idea to withhold public benefits to persuade illegal immigrants to self-deport is ridiculous. Wow, never thought I’d agree with Gingrich on anything but I do on this issue. For the hundred-millionth time….they come here for the job that pay higher wages than what they can get back home. That’s it. Plain and simple. Cut off the jobs, you cut off the attraction. (Today Show)

2. Gingrich is promising a Moon Base. Really? A moon base? In all honesty, I don’t think Gingrich is serious about running this country. He is just enjoying the limelight and counting up all those future dollar bills he’ll earn as a result of this exposure. He’s just a grifter…wait and see.

3. Romney is so rich, he doesn’t know exactly how much he has….”somewhere between 150 and about 200 some odd million dollars, that’s what the estimates are….”. He went on to point out that he didn’t inherit that, he’d earned it. Yeah, you earned it through “vulture capitalism” and hiding your fortune in in the Caymans….not very admirable Mittens. (Today Show)

4. Gingrich is using the politics of fear and racism. The accusation of “food stamp president” that he has been using plays on both issues. It brings to mind the threat of unemployment to many and to others, it refers to that old lie linking African Americans to welfare. His behavior is now, and always has been, as ugly as he is.

5. Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she KNOWS Gingrich won’t be the nominee, much less President…is probably just a smart guess based on two things: 1) the GOP Pros do not want him to be the nominee because he makes a worse general election candidate and will do, just about, anything to stop him and 2) American voters are centrists and there is nothing centrist about Gingrich. Make fun of her all you want, but she’s probably right.

6. In tonight’s debate I hope the moderators stand up to the candidates. The backpedaling exhibited by John King at the last one after Gingrich pushed back on his opening question was pathetic. If our journalists don’t have the cajones to ask the tough questions, who will? It’s the only time they get asked questions, besides the rigged town halls they set up, for crying out loud. I want the MSM journalists to do their damn jobs for once.

7. Santorum will drop out soon, thank goodness, but I’m not sure if it will be pre or post debate. His voters will gravitate to Gingrich because Christian conservatives would rather vote for a philandering Christian liar than an uptight Mormon liar, which I find incredibly sad. Not that I actually like Romney, I don’t. But that so many people feel that his religion is important in any way. If he was a Satanist, I’d agree, but that’s not the case. Clearly he has a healthy long-term marriage, a bunch of happy and successful kids (although one could argue, that it’s easier to raise successful kids when they start out rich to begin with). In regards those issues, Romney has A LOT less baggage.

In other areas, like his business ethics or his political theories, well that is something by which he should be judged. Another thing that is probably motivating the surge in support for Gingrich is the fact that a lot of southern evangelicals tend to be lower income. They can relate to Gingrich and his story. Gingrich has a lot in common with those voters. He was raised in Georgia in a family of no fame or fortune. He’s worked very hard to move up in his life and that aspiration is something those voters hold near and dear in their hearts. He is in many ways, a much more self-made man than Romney (although you can quibble with HOW Gingrich made his fortune and fame, you can’t deny that he did it). Ultimately it won’t make any difference in the general election. Those GOP voters that make it to the voting booth will vote for Romney because far too many of them actually do think President Obama is the anti-Christ, and those that stay away, will do so for lack of enthusiasm. Nothing happening in the GOP primaries and causcuses was ever going to change that.


  1. alopecia says:

    A couple of points, if I may.

    Cut off the jobs, you cut off the attraction.

    I mentioned this at Bob’s place at least once, but it bears repeating: some time ago (two years? three?), there was a survey done in Mexico (which I can’t find again, dang it), specifically in those states with high rates of illegal migration to the United States, and one of the questions was how much extra income would it take for the respondent not to go to the US illegally. The average reply was, if memory serves, under $10 a month. Foreign aid is unpopular politically, but it’s a damn’ sight cheaper than militarizing the border or building walls or creating new and unreliable databases of eligible workers.

    Newt Gingrich has always had a weird fascination with the Moon (his argument has always been that we can mine the Moon). Honestly, this is one of the few things that’s fallen out of his pie-hole that’s not dog-whistling or hand-waving. It’s not necessarily a sane comment, but it is sincere.

    Nancy Pelosi is a canny politician. When she makes noise about Gingrich and the Ethics Committee report from the ’90s, thereby freaking out the entire Right, she knows full well the information has all been made public. She’s just daring our glorious news media to take a look. She’s also right about Gingrich being elected president: not in this reality.

    Will Rick Santorum actually drop out (there’s actually no way to refer to him without making it sound like a comment on his Google problem, is there?) of the race? He’s running a pretty low-budget campaign, after all, and there are enough social conservatives out there willing to write him a check whenever he asks. Besides, what else does he have to do with his time?

  2. drangedinaz says:

    I wish you could find the link to that study too! You’re absolutely right about Santorum BTW, heard him say on the radio that “he’s in it for the long haul”. I stand corrected 🙂

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