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Posted: January 24, 2012 in Elections, Pres. Barack Obama
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Note:  All times are Arizona time, which is currently 3 hours behind EST

6:18 pm – David Gergen and Ari Fleischer on CNN prior to State of the Union are using the dissent within the Democratic party as proof that President has not been governing.  They seem to think he is proposing things he knows Congress won’t agree to in order to consolidate support in his base.  As a result, they say he is not bothering to govern but instead campaigning.    I’m wondering if Gergen and Fleischer have actually ever read the Constitution, because if they had they never would expect the President to create laws.  Congress has to do that.  And who elects members of Congress?  The people.  So the President has been going out to the people, (and note he’s been doing it long before this current election season) in order to appeal to them to contact their representatives and senators to encourage them to get off their asses and start working on legislation so that some laws can be passed and the President can weigh in and eventually sign into law.  That sounds EXACTLY like governing in the U.S. To me.

So before O I even finish writing this, Gergen complains that he hasn’t done anything in prime time in four months.  So now Gergen thinks he has been staying out of the limelight and not campaigning?  He sounds pretty confused.  Perhaps Gergen and Fleischer need to STFU and peddle their stupidity at home where someone probably gives a crap.

6:45 pm – took a break to bathe the baby and put him to bed

7:00 pm Gabrielle Giffords looks so awesome. I can’t believe how beautiful she is and how extraordinary her recovery has been. Arizona has lost a remarkable representative.

7:05 pm – the President’s entering and hugging Giffords, brings tears to my eyes.

7:12 pm – Pres. discussing accomplishment of getting Bin Laden.

7:14 pm – Pres. is setting up his vision of the future, his typical sweeping vision attempt, mentions his grandmother working in a bomb factory during WWII and the loss of the American Dream

7:16 pm – First mention of fairness, disavowal of partisanship, Boehner sitting behind the Pres. looks like a tomato…when did he go from orange to red?

7:17 pm – he blames Wall St. and regulators who were not (added afterwards: given the tools they needed) , 6 mos before he took office lost 4 million jobs, and lost another 4 million before policies took effect…”those are the facts”… recent job growth of 3 million jobs.  He’s practically challenging the other side to gainsay those stats….

7:19 pm – finally says he will oppose “obstruction with action”, FINALLY some tough talk from him….I’ve been waiting to see this side of him.

7:20 pm -“some even said I should let it die”, speaking of US auto industry…GM back at #1 (this all a thinly veiled jab at Romney)

7:22 pm – think I just saw the worlds oldest man….no, I’m mistaken, it is a congressional member….

7:23 pm – mentioning tax reform now, Republicans won’t even clap for trying to stop outsourcing overseas.  What the hell is wrong with them?

7:25 pm – What the Pres is saying sounds reasonable, raise taxes on businesses that take their work overseas and lower them for those who stay.

7:26 pm – I think he’s using the auto industry too much.   Now he’s switching to unfair trade practices by China.  I wonder who this investigation team, to look for unfair practices, will be under?  Homeland Security?  FBI, Border Patrol?…..

7:29 pm – talking about retraining using NC woman (Jackie) at speech next to First Lady as an example, poor lady looks like she is going to faint

7:30 pm – interesting how the President keeps repeating what he will do and then what Congress can do to make it work.  Boehner just nodded and clapped for simplifying  retraining to help people get jobs.

7:31 pm – Now on education, “teachers matter”, “stop bashing teachers”, “stop teaching to the test” and “replace teachers who aren’t helping kids learn”–I think union will react to that last bit.

7:32 pm – requirement that every state have kids stay in school until they graduate or turn 18—the state’s will scream “unfunded mandate” in 3…..2….1…

7:34 pm – says state’s have to make college a higher priority, give it more money, “if you can’t stop tuition going up, then the money you get from taxpayers will go down” — I like that

7:35 pm – The Dream Act–college students brought here as children but illegal immigrants, here’s the intro to Immigration

7:36 pm – He brags of the enforcement on the border (and he’s right, he’s deported more people in first 3 years than Bush did during the entire 8 years he was in office).  He says those that claim they want action have run out of excuses….TV cut to McCain’s smarmy f*cking face….useless bastard.  And then back to the Dream Act.

7:37 pm – tax relief for small businesses creating jobs, innovators seeking investment, “so put it in a bill and put it on my desk this year” -more tough talk, instructions

7:38 pm – He is phrasing it so that Congress is the one who is letting other countries overtake us economically

7:39 pm – Natural Resources – domestic oil production is the highest it’s been in 8 years (didn’t know that). We only have 2% of world’s oil resources?  So we need everything….that got broad applause.  Mentions natural gas….I’m leery of that but he’s mentioning that the health and safety of people is important too.

7:41 pm – nice nugget of truth, it was public funding that helped natural gas industry figure out how to extract the gas….Back to another worker brought to the speech, Brian.  Discussing how Government investment is a long term investment.  He’s drawing a line in the sand that we won’t lose ground to other countries in those innovative clean energy…clean energy tax breaks.  Take away oil industry incentives….lots of Dems applauding that.

7:43 pm – he admits Congress too devided to act on Climate Change, says they should at least pass good standards….and on the climate change issue, since they won’t act, he will act.  On public land, he will start up clean energy projects to power a couple million homes–must be something he can do without Congressional input.

7:45 pm – switching to infrastructure, mentioning Hoover Dam and the highway system, will sign Executive Order to jump start some construction projects BUT Congress must fund them.  1/2 money not spending on war, put toward debt, the other half invest in these infrastructure projects.

7:47 pm – sending Congress a plan for homeowners to refinance at the current low rates to avoid the run around they are getting from the banks (I know about this personally so it’s very needed)

7:48 pm – Discussing regulation, can see Boehner trying so hard not to grimace, quick shot to Lieberman, the douche, who is talking instead of listening.  Says he’s approved fewer regulations in his first 3 years than Bush did in his first 3 years.  Bad joke about spilled milk being regulated, but makes his point about regulation.  Contrasts that to Horizon Oil Spill…

7:51 pm – nice mention of correcting  health care injustices (eg, women paying more than men), mentioning regulation on Wall Street, flat out says “the rest of us are not bailing you out ever again”, now discussing Consumer Protection Bureau and his “recess” appointment for it’s Director

7:53 pm – announces new unit to investigate in reckless mortgage and mortgage fraud that led to the crisis–will this clear the air about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who many says caused the crisis (even though we already know they didn’t)

7:54 pm – here’s a biggie, discussing the taxes on the average american…payroll tax cut…demanding they pass it right away.  Quick cut away to McConnel from KY, he looks like a wax statue.

7:55 pm – Switching to millionaires and the tax rates.  He is saying we can’t fund all the basic services like the military, education, etc AND give millionaires such big tax breaks.  Again, mentions the wealthy paying their “fair” share of taxes (himself and members of Congress)–“Buffet rule”

7:57 pm – calling out GOP on class warfare accusations, he says it common sense, Americans knows its about fairness and he’s implying that Congress doesn’t understand that–IMHO he’s right

7:59 pm – wow addressing how people think nothing will get done in Washington this year!  Says it’s due to the divide in American parties, he thinks is due to money’s corrupting politics.  Advocating a lot of laws to limit how Congressional members can invest in what the impact through politics.  Addressing the super majority rule to get anything done.  Says need to end the notion that the two parties must be locked in a battle of mutual destruction.  Says he believes what Lincoln said that ‘Government should only do for people whatever they need to have done, but can not do better for themselves’.   This is a pretty centrist idea and if the GOP can’t agree on that, then how on earth do they ever expect to govern. To govern means to run a government.  If they don’t believe government should exist in any fashion, then why are they in government?

8:06 pm – shifting to foreign policy, ending war in Iraq, standing up to Iran but says peaceful resolution is still possible (that’s encouraging, we need another war like we need a hole in the head).  Now he’s stroking the Israeli ego and of course too many Congress members stand up to applaud that…if Israel says “jump”, we respond with “How high?’  IMHO, this isn’t always in our best interest.

8:09 pm – I think Pres. just called some of his opponents ignorant.   Boehner is clapping but his expression says, “my God, will this ever end”.  He looks like he needs a drink….he’s a thirsty, thirsty man.

8:12 pm – I think he is winding down…he started with the military and now he is ending with them.  Using a nice metaphor to represent America, how a mission gets done because each member does their job and trusted each other.  “This nation is great because we built it together…because we watch each other’s backs…as long as we maintain our common purpose…the state of our union will always be strong”.  A nice, passionate ending.  I read Andrew Sullivan’s earlier comment that the Pres. address would be boring (he got a preview from the White House that he couldn’t share the contents of, but he did characterize it as boring).

8:17 pm – now I choose to ignore the pundits on various channels…they are a bunch of tools.


I thought the State of the Union was a bit stronger than in the past and he definitely drew a line between what stances he will take in contrast to any of the GOP candidates.

Also, that ending metaphor about the mission to get Bin Laden and how we have to work together, was very powerful.

Now the pundits, particularly the GOP pundits, are characterizing his populist approach as “soshulism”.  No, it’s fairness you idiots…….a true meritocracy, which we no longer have.


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