Evisceration is an Art

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney, The Economy
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One of my favorite bloggers, John Cole at Balloon-Juice.com, shreds Romney’s ridiculous accusation that Democrats are suggesting we model ourselves after Russia or China…that old “red scare” tactic.

According to wikipedia, the ratio of wealth of the top 10% to the bottom 10% and the top 20% and bottom 20% in the US and Russia negligible- (15.9 and 8.4% respectively for the US, and 12.7 and 7.6% for Russia). We are the third most unequal industrialized nation after… wait for it… Mexico and Russia.

The entire post is worth the read if only to see a perfect example of intellectual evisceration. I am not worthy, Mr. Cole.


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