Another Musical?

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Entertainment, Personal
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My favorite Broadway musical, Les Miserables, is supposedly coming to the big screen in 2012.  They had a movie of the story back in 1998 starring Liam Neeson as Jean  Valjean and Geoffrey Rush as Inspector Javert–but it was not a musical.

They have cast Russell Crowe as Valjean and Hugh Jackman as Javert.  I’m excited but worried.  These two characters have pretty difficult vocals.  Valjean has to have quite a bit of range…Even I struggle to hit some of his high notes on “Bring Him Home”.   And    Javert has very powerful voice and whoever plays him has to have enough depth and be able to project well.  Anything less in  these two characters and the movie will be bad.

They’ve also cast Anne Hathaway as Fantine, a relatively small role, but she has to sing “I Had a Dream” (which everyone now knows because of Susan Boyle, who surprised the world on the 2009 season of Britain’s Got Talent with a beautiful rendition that made her an instant star).  I have no idea if Hathaway can even sing.  Also cast for the very fun and campy role of Madame Thenadier, the innkeeper’s wife, is Helena Bonham Carter and rumored for the innkeeper is Sacha Baron Cohen.  These two would PERFECT for these roles.  They’ll steal the show for sure.

I know that Jackman has musical experience from early in his career but Valjean is described as a large man, more akin to the physicality of Crowe.  Likewise, Javert is described as a tall, thin, dark haired man, which is more akin to the physical description of Jackman.  I think that they actually have the casting reversed EXCEPT for their singing voices.  Javert is more of a baritone and Valjean is more of a tenor part. So they had to cast by vocal rang first and foremost.  I guess we’ll see?!

On that note (see what I did there?), here’s  On My Own sung by Eponine, daughter of the Innkeepers and waif about town.  Enjoy.  ,


Note:  It’s been light posting yesterday and today…will probably continue to be slow through the weekend.  Have been busy with the rugrats.



  1. That does seem rather odd casting. I truly hope they don’t rely on the disgusting and ever-present auto tuning to ‘fix’ their voices.

  2. drangedinaz says:

    Well by most reports, both men have decent voices. Javert’s role isn’t that hard to sing (I oughta know, I know every word and every note of every song, can sing them in my sleep) and Crowe has the pipes to do that. Plus like I said Jackman had extensive theater and musical experience earlier in his career. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂 So how are things in lovely Ireland?

  3. Cold n wet! As per usual 🙂 But, it’s the weekend now so that’s a good thing! I’m wondering if my hubby would even watch this with me when it is out. Subtitles, he loves. Musicals…I’m not sure but I bet it’s a no. Except for Meet Me in St Loius, he loves that one!

  4. […] so back in January of this year I wrote a post on how I was kind of worried that someone had taken it upon themselves to redo Les Miserables and […]

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