Sad in Arizona

Posted: January 8, 2012 in AZ, Rep. Gabriel Giffords, Sad in AZ

“Grief makes one hour ten” –William Shakespeare

Christina Taylor Green

Shooting victim Christina Taylor Green

Every time I see a photo of Christina Taylor Green I start to tear up.  It has only been a year since the massacre in Tucson but I’m sure the survivors and family of those we lost it seems only yesterday.  Grief doesn’t care about time…it comes and goes as it will, different for each individual.  While I sympathize with all those who lost someone that day, I identify most strongly with Christina’s parents because my little girl is about the same age.  My poor prose can not do justice to the victims so all that I can offer are my thoughts and prayers in their honor.  The six who perished are listed below, and in addition to them there were 13 other people who were injured and will never be the same again.

Christina-Taylor Green, 9
Dorothy “Dot” Morris, 76
John Roll, 63
Phyllis Schneck, 79
Dorwan Stoddard, 76
Gabriel “Gabe” Zimmerman, 30


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