Mary Jane is back in town

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Arizona Politics, AZ Assholes, Gov. Jan Brewer, Healthcare
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Back in May 2011, I wrote about Gov. Jan Brewer’s inconsistent behavior in regards to how and why she consults and obeys the Federal Government.  For instance in regards to the issue of Illegal Immigration, she didn’t bother going through the normal channels and didn’t want to wait on the Federal Government to get off it’s tail end and do something–she and fellow GOP cronies simply passed SB1070 (and wreaked all kinds of havoc for the state).

However, when it comes to Medical Marijuana, a ballot initiative that was passed back in the Fall of 2010–on that issue she just HAD to consult “Daddy”.  Well “Daddy” has responded and he said, “implement the damn thing!”

In an unusual legal request, Gov. Jan Brewer had asked the court to mediate the conflict between state and federal drug laws. But Judge Susan Bolton tossed the suit, saying the state couldn’t show its workers were at risk of federal prosecution for following Proposition 203, or even if it intended to fully implement the law.

Besides which I don’t think any court can entertain such a case when there aren’t any victims….i.e., there has to be injured parties who originate the lawsuit.  A scared Governor isn’t good enough.  Her lawyers should have told her this and they may have….but we know that Gov. Brewer doesn’t do a very good job of listening.  If she did, she would have just implemented the damn law already.  The Governor is STILL pondering if she should appeal the ruling to a higher court.  Sigh…….



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