Sheriff Joe is running out of time to respond to Federal charges of discrimination against Hispanics.  He must acquiesce to Federal requirements for appropriate and legal conduct by changing both the MCSO’s policies and practices with regards to how they treat Hispanics in this state or the county will face a law suit.

I am sure Arpaio will refuse to bend.  Unfortunately for Maricopa County taxpayers (myself among them) this means we will have to pay, once again, to defend the indefensible committed by a member of the state’s GOP.  I’ve lost count of the times we’ve paid out money to defend or incarcerate someone for  ill conceived laws, wrongdoing, dishonesty, dereliction of duty, etc by Arizona Republicans.  A Federal judge has already ruled that any Hispanic who has been stopped by the MCSO since January 2007 can join in a racial profiling class action law suit against the MCSO.  This whole fiasco is going to cost us a ton of money and it pisses me off, mainly because the state is struggling so much already.  That’s all tax money that will not go to crumbling infrastructure, education, social services, etc.

Nevertheless no matter how much it costs them, many Arizona citizens are still defending Arpaio and are saying some pretty extreme things in blog commentary and in speeches.  I sincerely hope that reasonable people, regardless of their political stripe, will prevail in this year’s elections.  I’ve had it with talk of insurrection and treason from the loonies in this state.  All rational Republicans, Democrats, Independents and the MSM need to call people out for their lunacy…if you openly call for secession from the Federal Government or for harming a member of any state, local or federal government elected or appointed official REGARDLESS OF THEIR POLITICAL PARTY then you are  advocating for, if not outright, engaging in treason.  I doubt the MSM will do its job and actually report what is or is not a fact any more, but we as citizens can, and should, do a better job of it.

Let Arpaio go down without a defense, let’s get our house in order Arizona, and let’s move forward on the track for sanity.  It’s time we got rid of the corruption plaguing our state so we can join with the rest of the nation in as a healthy, contributing member to our democracy.





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