Similar Destination, Different Journey

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Arizona Politics, Progressivism, Rep. Ron Paul
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Digby posted an excellent piece on the difference between Liberals and Libertarians. I found the following a particularly insightful quote:

Which leads us to Ron Paul, a man whose detestable ideals are directly in opposition to those of liberalism–even if he happens, like a stopped clock, to end up in the right place a couple of times for entirely the wrong reasons.

Digby was writing in response to some conservative bloggers like Sullivan and Stoller that have accused Liberals who are against Ron Paul to be hypocrites because many of us agree that we should never have gone to war in Iraq and would have liked to pull out immediately and due to the fact that we often agree on Paul’s position to legalize drugs.  Digby right points out that just because Liberals come to the same  conclusion as Paul doesn’t mean we believe the same things.  We patently don’t and she explains this in  her usual excellent fashion.  Her post is worth the read.


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