Update:  Here’s the chirpstory as promised between Glenn Greenwald and Angry Black Lady (see #2  below) regarding a discussion of habeas corpus as specified in the NDAA and the use of rape as a debate tactic.


Well it’s new years somewhere back East but I’m still waiting in AZ.  By the time midnight gets here I will be snug as a bug in a rug in bed.  However I wanted to throw some thoughts out there and see what sticks.

1.  I resolve to write more in 2012 because I find it therapeutic (even if no one else reads it) AND its one of the few things I happen to be good at.  I actually posted 246 times, with a 39 pics uploaded–not quite what I wanted but it’s a darn good start.  Here’s a link to the online WordPress report that they gave me to summarize my blogging year.  Wordpress totally rocks y’all!!!!!

2.  So twice in the last few weeks I’ve heard/read someone use Rape as a metaphor during a debate (one I hope will be a chirpstory–which is a screen capture timeline report of a Twitter debate between Angry Black Lady and Glen Greenwald (expatriate, Pres. Obama hater and new Ron Paul defender1).  Let me give forewarning  and a bit of advice to anyone who wants to have any convo with me or women in general.  NEVER EVER use rape as a metaphor or joke….not in reference to women, to men, to a politician, to anyone EVER.   You never know if a rape victim will read or hear that metaphor (and victims are legion2) and be offended….it’s not too much to ask that you refrain.  And if asking you to be empathetic enough not to do it isn’t enough, consider this….the minute you use that term nothing you say or do afterward will be heard.  I’m not asking you never to offend or to be politically correct….Lord knows I am not.  However, this is a particular thing that is extremely prevalent in our culture and it is something very painful to millions of women (and even some men).  And if that isn’t enough for you….don’t even bother talking to me, cuz I will be deleting your comments…that’s how I roll on my blog.

3.  I will be skiing two days hence for the first time in 20 years.  Pray to God, Mother Nature, FSM, and any other god or goddess you fancy that I do not break anything.

4.  AZ is doubling down on stupid.  The state legislature is pushing, again, to allow people to carry weapons concealed and unconcealed on school campuses.  Yes, the most violent age group3…they want to give easy access to weapons to AND allow them to carry them to campus.  I will henceforth not be going anywhere near college campuses, not to teach or be a student.  It’s online classes only for me!

5.  What is up with New Year’s Eve fireworks?  They sell them like candy in AZ.  Why can’t they just shoot off their unlicensed AK-47’s, Glocks, Uzi’s, etc that they purchased at the local gun show from an unlicensed dealer like everyone else in this god-forsaken sh*thole of a desert?!

6. #5 being said, for every negative thing I write in 2012, I resolve to write something positive as well.  My glass will probably never be half-full but perhaps I can pretend that it is.  😉

I think that’s about enough for now, don’t you?


1.  I know!  Greenwald calls himself a liberal?!  And he’s gay so Ron Paul thinks he’ll burn in Hell but hey, go ahead defend him what do us other liberals care……part of me hopes that Paul does win the Presidency so that 1) once disaster strikes the country we liberals can say “I told you so!” and 2) asshats like Greenwald would rue the day they turned their backs on a centrist like Pres. Obama.
2. Some stats say that 1 in 5 women have been the victim of rape or attempted rape. Of college age women that figure is worse, 1 in 4. Worldwide that percentage rises depending on country. For example in the Congo, 48 women are raped every hour. Do the math, it is horrific. Even using US stats, 1 in 5 means 20%. Remember this every time you’re at work in a meeting or at a party….look around, count out 20% of the women…there you go. Look at their faces….then go ahead and use that rape metaphor…..and all the shame is on you.
3. I am writing a much longer post about this now…will post in the next few days.


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