I heard on the radio today that gun sales were up 25% this holiday season in Arizona.  When interviewed a gun dealer said that customers “were anticipating a shortage in the near future” and the announcer summarized by saying customers feared pending gun legislation from the Obama Administration.

Let me say something very important…lean in close because you really need to hear this….THERE IS NO PENDING LEGISLATION TO RESTRICT GUN OWNERSHIP AND USE RIGHTS….NONE, NADA, NICHT, NESSUNO, NENHUM…..and there wasn’t any last year or the year before that or even the year Pres. Obama was elected.  None were discussed by the White House, none were proposed to Congress and none were debated.

In January 2011 the White House DID tell Congress about its intention to create a new ATF rule  that gun dealers in border states be required to report within 5 days of the sale of two or more semiautomatic rifles using greater than .22 caliber ammunition and that have detachable magazines.  Someone could buy ONE of these and nothing would happen.  If they bought a bunch of them, their info would be sent to the ATF.  How many people do you know that actually go out and buy such weapons in mass like that?  Does your neighbor who likes to go hunting buy Uzi’s, M-16’s, AK-47’s, etc to kill Bambi?  Regardless of what the customer wants to use the weapons for, there is nothing illegal in purchasing such items.

The idea was shot down in Congress and opposed by the NRA (no surprise here).   After about 6 months of input from the various stakeholders, the President authorized the ATF to issue the new rule on July 11, 2011.  The NRA planned to sue (and I would wager that there is a court case pending now).  So far the system is working as it should.  The judicial branch is being used to balance of the executive branch–that’s all the good and exactly how it is supposed to work.

The important question here is if the purchase of such weapons is not illegal, why would the ATF care?  The answer is because there is a major problem of guns originating in the U.S. ending up in Mexico and being used in a rash of violent crimes.  The ATF hoped to get possible investigatory leads into what is known as “straw man” buys.  Some studies indicate about 70% of all gun violence in Mexico is committed using a gun from Arizona.  That’s a hell of a lot of “straw man” buys and that’s what the White House was trying to gather information on in order to stop it.

However, the Administration’s willingness to alert all the stakeholders to the rule 6 to 7 months in advance of its implementation hardly seems like some vast conspiracy and cover-up to take away Billy Joe Bob’s hunting rifle.  Moreover, the rule is only to assist in the investigation of known illegal buys that are occurring every day and directly result in the deaths of both Mexican and U.S. citizens.  It does not say they can’t make those purchases or that they can’t use those weapons.  The state and local laws govern that kind of thing and that’s how the President has indicated he would like to keep it–locally, NOT federally, controlled.  Again, that doesn’t sound like some big federal government takeover, does it?

Ultimately I predict that the rule will be struck down in court, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m not arguing that it is right or wrong, I am saying it isn’t the big scary thing that many want to say it is.    The irony is that while many on the right are running around scared buying up every handgun they can get their hands on, those on the left think just the opposite–that President Obama isn’t doing enough to curb gun violence in the U.S.  The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, a left wing organization that grades politicians on their support and implementation of gun control laws, gave the President a failing grade.  The President can’t win for losing on this issue, can he?

Furthermore, I think it’s very convenient as we enter next year’s Presidential Election that these rumors are once again surfacing and that gun dealers are helping to spread those rumors–not to mention the MSM.  Not only will the Republican party benefit, so will all the legitimate and illegitimate gun dealers out there.

If you’re actually interested in the truth, here’s a link to what the President said in 2008 about gun control while running for election…..again, no bans….just better enforcement of laws that are already on the books, laws that have stood the test of time and many court challenges.








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