Winter Wonderland

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Personal

Have you ever noticed that it is never the things you expect to spend money on that cost you the most?  Instead it is the unanticipated costs that really hit you.

I spent quite a bit on the kids this Christmas because it is the first time I’ve had the opportunity in quite some time to shop for them.  And I really enjoyed finding presents that would surprise them.  My daughter was thrilled to get an easel, a small guitar for her small hands, and some pretty cool Lego sets.  And my son was easy to please with a firetruck that makes some hellacious noises, a bunch of cars, and tons of building blocks.

It was, however, the day after Christmas when things got expensive.  I spilled chai latte on my daughter’s DS XL i, required a replacement (although the wet one is currently sitting in a bag of rice with the hope that it is recoverable).  On top of that I had planned a trip up to Flagstaff to go sledding in the snow.  I thought it would be easier to get a hotel so I went to to book a room for tonight-the 26th.  Afterward I had a question, so I called the hotel directly and they had no record of the reservation.

I called Kayak to find out what the heck  was wrong.  Turned out that the booking was for January 10th and I was mystified as to how that happened.  Later I realized that although I had searched for the current date, the site defaulted to January 10th because that was the earliest date it had an opening.  The site did not warn me that “hey the date is set to Jan. 10th” so I completed missed it.  Ultimately it was my fault for not being more thorough when reviewing the purchase.  To make matters worse the purchase was non-refundable.

I ended up just getting a rental car because my car doesn’t have the clearance to get onto snowy roads and giving up the idea of staying overnight.  It will be an early day for us tomorrow but I think it will be okay.  Just so long as the kids sleep for most of the trip, that is.

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow.  If all goes as planned, we’ll leave the dry desert far beyond and will be in Winter Wonderland by 8 am.  Snow here I come!



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