• Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s response to call for his resignation was exactly as I predicted…to paraphrase, “Eff you, No!”…he says Latino people are calling for his resignation…Uh, it’s not just Hispanic voters and Congressmen, it’s white people like myself too.  If you can stand to watch this bloviating ass speak, here’s his official response.
  • Counsel submitted closing arguments in writing to opposing counsel in the Ethics Hearing against former County Attorney Andrew Thomas
  • Our pro sports teams still suck…Cardinals are 7-7 and they may still make the playoffs but no one in their right mind thinks they’ll actually do anything with the opportunity (BTW I’d love to be wrong about this) and the Suns lost by 25 pts in the pre-season game against Denver.
  • a Federal court agreed to expedite a hearing on HB2281, the AZ statute that bans ethnic studies, the District of Tucson stands to lose millions of state funding if they don’t win the case (meaning they get to keep teaching ethnic studies) and the state wants to make an example out of Tucson (meaning they can force them to quit teaching it or punish them if they don’t–note that Tuscon is mostly populated by Democratic voters–big surprise that the state GOP has targeted them
  • an ASU student was found after being stranded in her car in the middle of nowhere for 10 days–glad she is alive but I have to ask, who goes on a scenic drive in the middle of AZ winter wilderness without water, extra gas, extra clothes, food, etc?  Someone who has notappreciation for how fast nature can and will kill you—she is a very lucky young woman
  • Polygamist practitioners of Colorado City, AZ are in trouble, but NOT for their bizarre marriage practices….they are being threatened with eviction for not paying their taxes.  I guess we’re resorting to getting them any way we can, a la Capone.
  • Another quake from down Mexico way…it seems that the faults down there have been extra active lately
  • a blogger, Chez Pazienza,  that I enjoy reading on a daily basis may actually be driving through the state today on a sojourn across the U.S.  Do me a solid and send out positive wishes to help him power through the snow that has him bogged down in New Mexico
  • And last but not least, my Christmas mojo is extremely weak this year….no outside lights, a fiber optic tree sans decorations as of yet and presents unwrapped and/or unassembled…kids will be opening their’s tomorrow night so I will be a busy little elf this afternoon

Merry Christmas to my Christian friends, Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends, Yuletide Greetings to all my pagan friends, and for the rest of us, there is Festivus!


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