People go in, but they don’t come out

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Arizona Politics, AZ Assholes, Corrections, Criminal in AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio
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Another person has died in Sheriff Joe’s jails.  Last Friday Ernest Atencio was subdued with stun guns and put into a cell by himself afterward.  The Deputies came back later that day and he was unresponsive.   Today after confirming that Atencio was brain dead his family decided to take him off life support.  According to what I could find online, Sheriff Arpaio has paid out a minimum of $43 million to the families of inmates who died suspiciously or were seriously injured in his jail facilities as a result of excessive and improper use of force over the years.  I am having trouble finding info on the actual number of people killed….and I’m sure there are pending lawsuits as we speak.  But it is really past time for Joe’s reign of terror to end in Maricopa County.



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