Worth 356 pts…Quixotic

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Humor, Personal

As usual my subconscious recognized something before conscious mind was able to grasp it.  I dreamed last night that I went on a search for Bigfoot with  Dora the Explorer and her investigatory sidekick, Boots. We ended up finding the illusive Sasquatch AND even got lucky enough to find the Yeti as well.  They were frozen in ice and once we thawed them out they proceeding to howl, growl and run amok, creating mayhem.

If this sounds absurd, that’s okay because it was for me too but it also made perfect sense.  For me Sasquatch/Yeti symbolize a search for the impossible….a myth, a dream.  And Dora represents youthful, hopeful naiveté.  Clearly, the underbelly of my consciousness is wondering why the hell I am on a naive search for the impossible.  Since I spent the weekend having conversations about past relationships and pondering the complexities of dating while one is in their 40’s, divorced, with small kids…it occurred to me how absurd and possibly fruitless an endeavor it may be.  On the other hand, I am nothing but quixotic.

The dream actually helped me realize that I need to stop worrying about it so much. Stop trying so damn hard.  Just let it be.  Because fervently tilting at windmills has never gotten me anything except hairy creatures running around and creating mayhem in my life.   But if you’re a fan of Jungian dream interpretation, I am the explorer, the observer, the lady in distress and, yes, even the hairy creatures.   I am a mayhem machine.  And since I refuse to stop looking for a dream the Yeti’s will continue to romp through the scenery for a while yet.  However, I do intend to not worry so much about it so my subconscious can worry about other, much more important matters like regaining my youthful figure.


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