Sheriff Joe is shocked–shocked, appalled and defiant. Well, of course he is! That’s what he does, isn’t it? He never addresses the underlying issues, he simply huffs and puffs his way through any and all accusations of wrongdoing.

Arpaio responded to the announcement yesterday that the MSCO has engaged in discriminatory practices and has lost certain privileges and authority to act on behalf of and in coordination with Federal Immigration officials. He threw a lovely red herring into his response, his go-to excuse, President Obama.

“By their actions today, President Obama and a band of his merry men might as well erect their own pink-neon sign at the Arizona-Mexico border saying welcome all illegals to the U.S., our home is your home.

Note to the Sheriff, I am pretty sure that Pres. Obama has many more important things to do than to waste any time on you. The Department of Justice is perfectly capable of doing an investigation without any input from the White House and, indeed, the President would want to and has stayed away from encouraging or discouraging any investigations because that’s the WHOLE POINT of having a Department of Justice–it’s not supposed to be influenced by politics. And then there is the whole pesky fact that the investigation began under President Bush in 2008.

Another thing that evidently irritated the Sheriff was the fact that he wasn’t given notice of the impending release of the findings to the public. I guess Arpaio felt that he deserved special treatment….different treatment from all the other suspects that get investigated for wrongdoing who don’t receive notice either. No, sorry Joe. That’s how it goes in law enforcement and no one should know about blindsiding suspects better than you.

What is at stake, other than Arpaio’s ego, which is ALWAYS involved in everything he does and everything that happens remotely near him? Well the loss of control on how the MCSO will be run, losing face and political power from losing the civil rights violation law suit, and hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. While I don’t give a tinker’s damn about all the things Arpaio will lose, I do care, very much, about that funding because this state is completely strapped now as it is. MCSO is one of the largest, if not THE largest, sheriff’s office in the country responsible for the detention and care of tens of thousands of inmates and policing a very large county. We NEED that money.

Sheriff Rottingham has 60 days to respond to these charges of violating civil rights. I for one will be counting the days until he makes a decision.



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