The Department of Justice is supposed to announce the results of a three year long investigation into Sheriff Joe regarding Civil Rights violations and racial profiling.  Note that this investigation did not take into account the 400 sex crimes that the  MCSO were contracted to take care of, nor did it look at the misuse of election funds and violation of campaign finance law.  The 3 year investigation also did not address the unusually high rate of inmate deaths in Sheriff Joe’s detention facilities and it definitely will not deal with the Sheriff’s and his lackeys abuse of the office to persecute political enemies.  All of these other items are being addressed by other organizations, some in the form of a direct inquiries and others by going after his lackeys and co-conspirators.

In spite of all of this attention from state, federal and local organizations Sheriff Joe continues to cling to the mantle of power afforded by his office.  I am beginning to think that in order to have him removed from office, the Arizona voters are either going to have to pray for an Act of God or get off their butts and remove him themselves.  Sadly, I’m betting an Act of God is the more likely occurrence.


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