Gov. Jan Brewer has actually done something that I agree with….yes, you read that correctly.  I know it’s difficult to digest but bear with me.

She has applied to the Federal Government for $29.8 million in funds to set up a state healthcare exchange just IN CASE the law suits against the Affordable Health Care Act – AHCA – (what the not so loyal opposition likes to call “Obamacare” passed in March 2010) are not successful.  It simply sounds like simple pragmatism to me…if you don’t know the outcome of everything, you should prepare for the most likely outcome. And the most likely outcome  is that the AHCA will be upheld by SCOTUS as constitutional.  That’s my two cents…and apparently the Governor of Arizona must agree.  Otherwise she wouldn’t be wasting time and energy in setting up an exchange.

So Hell has officially  frozen over…Gov. Brewer  and I agree on something.   I’m pretty sure it won’t last long.


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