Busy, busy bee…..

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Personal, Thoughts on the Day, Uncategorized

It has been incredibly hectic this past week both professionally and personally. I still have a million thoughts swirling around in my tiny brain, but no time to write about them. So I am going to just throw some of those thoughts out there sans context.

1. Why is it that men cannot be honest? I’d rather my feelings be hurt with the truth than a lie. For example if you were all into me last week but this week you have changed your mind, just say that. Literally say what what your real reason is. If you met someone else, say that. If you changed your mind about dating someone with small children then say that. But don’t say ‘I’m not that attracted to you’ when the week before you were actin like a 16 year old in heat. Perhaps it’s a guy thing, you find someone attractive enough to try get her into bed but not enough to date? Maybe you just wanted to get laid?  If that’s the case, then fine.  Grow some cojones and say that. If you are bold enough to try such a thing then you should be bold enough to admit such a thing.

2. It’s not an error, it’s a feature. When software doesn’t work the way you think it should, the answer the vendor always give is, “it’s a feature”.   From now on when someone complains that they don’t like something about me, this will be my response. 😉

3. Oh no! My daughter may be a libertarian!!! I have been trying to explain to my 8-year old daughter about money and why adults have to work to earn money. She got frustrated and said, “money is just paper!”. So I tried to explain how gold is what the paper is based on.  She didn’t like that any better.  She wants to go back to a bartering system.  I explained that I would have to make her do some hunting and strangely enough she didn’t like that idea. So then I explained other activities like animal husbandry and farming that we could do in order to have things to barter. At this point she began to see how work generates things and how those things are used for bartering and then how that was replaced with gold and silver, and then later with paper money. Ultimately what she is balking at is the “work” part that keeps Mommy so busy and not at her beck and call. There is some altruism though because she does care about how hard  it is for me to work full time and give enough attention to my kids.  And just as important, in my eyes, is her caring for others.  She doesn’t think it is fair that people starve because they don’t have money (or gold, pelts,etc). I was relieved to see that she was a dreamer like me…someone who thinks children should always be fed by others if their parents can’t or even if they won’t. So she’s not a libertarian wanting to go back to the gold standard….she actually dreams of a world where money doesn’t matter at all, which probably belongs to no particular political bent but to all kinds of people with all kinds of political beliefs.

4.  When you’re feeling blue, tubby time will always cheer you up.  I was giving Liam a bath today and realized how happy it makes me to do this simple thing.  I loved giving Meghan a bath when she was younger and I love it now with Liam.  It only lasts such a short time, just as their childhoods are too short.  So I am going to be mindful of how much of a blessing my children are.  No matter how rough a day I might have had, nothing makes me smile and brightens my day more than tubby time.


That’s all for now, amigos.


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