Glass Houses and People Who Live in them

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Pres. Barack Obama, Religion, Ugliness American Style
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I am on Facebook like everyone else on the planet and I have a lot of old and new friends. I didn’t have a lot of friends in High School and many of the people I currently have as “Facebook friends” were only acquaintances then.  And they remain acquaintances now.

This means that I don’t share much in common with most of these individuals except for the fact that we went to school together.  And that means I have to tolerate a lot of different political perspectives, which is normally not a problem.  It only becomes a problem when people get ugly.

With President Obama, even more than with President Bush, it seems that the negative comments conservative people make are incredibly personal.  What were the worst things that people said about Bush?  That he was dumb and that he was a drunk?  Well….he was both of those.  He admitted he was an alcoholic and had to work at staying sober.  And as far as his being dumb, there’s just as much documented evidence of his stupidity as there is evidence for the existence of gravity.

So I was reading Facebook postings today and saw that an acquaintance from High School was in church with the Obama’s and the photo of her and her family across the aisle from the First Family–the photo was used on Fox News.  Two individuals said something that I felt was over the line.  The first one commented  that (paraphrasing here) “if only the Obama’s were there for the right reason instead of just for a photo op”.  The second one find out that they were singing Joy to the World.  So he said, “He really appears to be singing, given the song, do you think he was thinking the song was about him?”  This comment was about the part that says “the Lord is come”.

Why did this offend me?  First I was raised Southern Baptist, which means that I consider faith with a particular fervor AND I believe that faith is an individual’s relationship to God.  I no longer practice as a Southern Baptist and consider myself a Unitarian Universalist (and no that’s not the moonies!).  However, those aspects of faith like fervor and individuality remain with me.  I am as fervent about letting others choose their faith on their own and that it is our responsibility to respect their choices.  Furthermore, the conception of truth regarding one’s Higher Power and our relationship to him is specific to each individual and NOT something other people can ever fully understand.  Finally, there is humility in this approach because one must assume that we can never know what is in the hearts and minds of an individual.  All we have to go on is what they say about their faith.

Has any other President had their faith questioned to the degree that President Obama has been?  He’s said as plainly as he can that he is a Christian.  It’s no different for the rest of us either….we can only declare our faith or lack thereof.  What we really think or believe is hidden deep inside us and that is probably how it should be.

So the comments made by these friends of friends really irritated me.  This was one time out of hundreds of offensive posts that I HAD to stand up to the abuse.  My response was as follows:

Wow, I’m really surprised by the comments re: President Obama. ____ and _____ seems [sic] to be able to read into his intentions and his heart regarding his relationship to God. I’m pretty sure that God alone knows what is in President Obama’s mind and heart. I really didn’t like President Bush and I frequently questioned his policies but I NEVER once questioned his faith. There’s nothing Christian about judging the quality of someone else’s faith.

The second individual responded back and apologized, saying he was thinking of the President’s statement regarding his “hero status”. Evidently the President has said, “Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger, I was born on Krpyton and was sent by my father Jor-El to save planet earth.” I followed up by accepting his apology and saying I was sorry for being so snippy. I also explained that the President was probably being sarcastic and was directing his comment to the liberals who have been criticizing him for NOT being their savior.

Which reminds me, it’s time to display once again the Rainbow Unicorn that Shits $100 Bills that some liberals think the President promised them and to date has failed to deliver. Enjoy!

Rainbow Unicorn Making $100 Bills

My very own Rainbow Unicorn Making $100 Bills


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