This is what we’re up against. Here’s the classic case.  My relative….I won’t name him/her because if he/she were to read this, he/she would be offended because clarity isn’t their strong suit.  Let’s just say that William Faulkner himself would have trouble crawling out of or explaining the rotting carcass that is my family……

So….where was I…oh yes, talking about my family, God love em.  I had posted on Facebook an Occupy Wallstreet Poster that said:

Why is it easier to believe that 150,000 Americans aer being lazy than 400 Americans are being greedy?

And then another relative responded with:  “LOL”

I don’t know if he/she meant that they agreed or disagreed (I really hope it was agreed) and then I got this from another “relative”.

Think he drank Obama’s kool aid

Okay, that sent me into the stratosphere, so here is what I wrote to my “relative’ in reply.

Occupy Wall Street has nothing to do with Pres. Obama….the Democratic Party may try to claim it but they really can’t. saddest of all are the people they speak for like you *******, don’t give them any credit. America is doomed because you all have bought into the conservative bullshit being fed to you 24/7 by the mainstream media (meaning Fox news, CNN, etc). All Americans struggling to survive who fight for the rights of millionaires who never earned a damned thing in their lives are just voting against their own best interests. This comes from a person who has worked her ass off since she was 14 years old and has a graduate degree. I went to high school with those over privileged assholes who work on Wall Street today and I garauntee you they didn’t earn a single penny. Meritocracy is dead and so is America.

I fully expect to get a WTF from my mother and all relations in the southeastern part of the country very soon, because that’s what they do, dontcha know?  If you say the truth covered with sugar and a smile, it passes muster.  Better yet, couch it in Bible verse and none can gainsay you.  But say the truth, on point, and drawing blood? Well that, by golly, is out of lines.  Did I ever mention I’m the black sheep of my family?  I’m the one that says “Wake up motha-ffers there’s an elephant in the mashed potatoes and he ain’t taking names! And guess what, he’s saying you’re all full of sh*t!”

The typical response is bland smiles, gritted teeth and “oh my, whatevah are you making a fuss ovah!  Why, Tina, you muss be ovahwrought!  Well some people just don’t know how to control themselves…..”  Indeed, I’m practically foaming at the mouth. I wonder why?  Hmmmmmm……..

Could it be that my ‘relative’ is someone who is not in complete touch with reality, seeing himself/herself with an astounding lack of clarity and living off the forbearance  of others for many decades. He/she has no idea that the society that he/she claims to support, the conservative ideal he/she dreams of, would have him/her homeless and uncared for until he/she was nothing but a dead statistic.  I could go into details but it would be cruel.

Suffice it to say, he/ she knows not of what they speak.  And so goes this country.  I am haunted by the fact that he/she represents no small portion of the electorate in the America of 2012.


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