Poem of the Month + a Bonus

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Personal, Poetry

I have been terribly remiss this September and October, being late to post my poems.  Here is the poem for October and a little thing I wrote while traveling in Spain…let’s pretend it will suffice for last month, shall we?

On Becoming

Raven on the wing forever seeking after
a resting nest of being alive and full of laughter.
At a stolen moment home is found in a spark of conception.
She was born youngest of the tribe not to rule but to live the exception.

Wisdom in fleshly dependence bound, expression, eloquence caught in a cage.
Lost in doe-eyed observation of gestural noise, as yet, no injustice against which to rage.

Raven with the ageless voice, how did the bars seem to thee?
They were tender, vulnerable with windows as green and gray as my Father the Sea.
Downy cap of light feathers, translucent speckles so light as not to be
on nose perked sniffing every stirring breeze.
Tiny shapeless ears straining to hear what she can and cannot see.

Jubilant spirit too content with endless waking dreams, unwilling to interrupt  even time for a thought that precious, pure, rejoicing stream.


To Sevilla

Red poppies light the way to Extremadura as empty castles blur into hillsides.
Through rocky passes past barren highlands we watch as snow rains down on faraway peaks.
One by one the white home towns go by and the sky begins to darken.
A cold late Winter becomes a humid early Spring and the rain greets us at an Andalucian river town.
Dodging cabs and junkies, we puzzle through the road signs by the glow of red tail lights, onward to a clean bed and rest for the night.


Copyright, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  You do NOT have permission to copy or use this poem just because you found it on the Internet without expressly asking me FIRST.


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