An office with a window will cost you how much?

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Andrew Thomas, Arizona Politics, AZ Assholes, AZ Sen. Russell Pearce, Criminal in AZ, Elections, Lord of the Flies
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Apparently, it costs a few months of effort and time.  In one particular case the cost of the office was managing a political campaign.  This case goes further though.  Not only do you get an office, but you also get some other extraordinary benefits.  In Maricopa County, under the auspices of former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, such work would buy you:

  1. an office with a window in the County Attorney’s building,
  2. the ability to work from home probably through access to the Department’s VPN*,
  3. access to county employee disclosure files,
  4. attendance of important meetings that make prosecutorial decisions,
  5. knowledge of developing evidence against public employees and elected officials,
  6. the ability to present evidence and affect the outcome of said prosecutorial decisions,
  7. and the right to then store that evidence (for what reason I don’t know) on your private property, and
  8. an unofficial, vague and secret job description to “act in matters and special projects as assigned by” the County Attorney.

These kinds of privileges were given to one Mark Goldman (attorney, friend and former campaign manager of Thomas and friend to Sheriff Arpaio).   Goldman was specifically told to look at County Board Supervisor Don Stapley–one of the many victims of Thomas and Arpaio’s campaign of political revenge.  I don’t know if Goldman wised up after this project but he testified at Thomas’ ethics hearing that he supposedly stopped unofficially investigating Stapley (And God knows who else!!!) in mid-2007.

I’m pretty sure the people of Maricopa County did not elect Thomas to hire his GOP cronies for ex parte investigations.   Then again, perhaps we should already know that if we elect anyone from the state GOP we will get less than stellar public servants**.  Forewarned is usually forearmed but not in AZ.  The people still haven’t learned their lesson because another Arpaio and Thomas crony was recently elected to take Thomas’ place (see post re: Bill Montgomery) as the County Attorney.  Thus far, no criminal indictments against Thomas are forthcoming (as I forecast) from Montgomery.  Cronyism pays….it’s not about right and wrong, it’s about money and might.  Dontcha know?!

*I’m speculating about the VPN access, but working in technology the way I do and having worked for the County before, I know that VPN access is the norm for work from home situations.
** for once I am using understatement, many are just plain out unethical, criminal and insane….

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