The laughing, it hurts!

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Entertainment, Personal
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One of my favorite blogs has an absolutely brilliant post by “Sarah Proud and Tall” about the impending destruction of  I. M. Pei’s glass, concrete and steel work of art known as Terminal 6 at Kennedy International.  Here’s a brief taste of her style….

…once saw Walter Cronkite passed out in a pool of vomit on the stairs, with a party hat on his head and a funny whistle stuck in his mouth, so that every time he breathed he made a sad, warbling farting noise. The staff had discreetly covered him with a blanket and arranged a few “Do not disturb” signs around him. So considerate.

You simply must read the entire thing….and whatever you do, don’t have any liquid in your mouth as will be wont to spray your monitor.


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