If it smells like a dead fish…..

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Arizona Politics, AZ Assholes, AZ Sen. Russell Pearce, Criminal in AZ, Elections, Tea Party
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This Holy Mackerel is so dead it’s innards are leaking out…..

There is supposed to be a debate in in  Legislative District 18 in Mesa at 5 pm today where Sen. Russell Pearce is supposed to face the sham candidate Olivia Cortez and charter school executive Jerry Lewis.  However Olivia Cortes has dropped out of the race a couple of hours before the debate.  Evidently the plaintiff who complaint filed with the State Elections Commission was not finished presenting evidence and we will supposedly hear even more damning evidence in a hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

It must be really good stuff because only an hour or so Olivia Cortes was fully committed to running.  I hope all of this foul behavior is aired and scoured from the political landscape so that honest and a good citizens can serve their community



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