The news in AZ is often so slimy I feel like I need to bathe afterwards.  This state has a long and well documented history of grifting.  Part of it can be chalked up to greed and the free wheeling Randian attitudes of businesses and their politicians.  The rest of the blame belongs to “true believers”.  You know who I mean….the foaming at the mouth, religiously righteous, never admit a mistake, wannabe saviors of American Heritage….or at least the heritage that exists in their own fevered imaginations.

Lately it seems that true believers are coming out of the woodwork.  Former Pres. George W. Bush can be considered as belonging to the club.  Michelle Bachmann, Congresswoman from Minnesota and candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, definitely is one.  Pat Robertson, founder of the 700 Club and supposed man of God is in the club.  Grover Norquist, famous for his GOP purity pledge and founder of Americans for Tax Reform is another.  Andrew Breitbart, self proclaimed publisher online and founder of the site Big Government, most certainly qualifies.  And I could go on and on.  There are others you might THINK belong on this list (i.e., Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc.) but I would disagree.  They’re not true believers but grifters…someone who pretends to be a true believer in order to rake in the dough.  While the grifter is more despicable IMHO they tend to be less harmful than true believers.

In Arizona and many other western communities, however, this kind of “true believer” runs rampant.  One concept that all true believers share, regardless of time, place or religion, it is the concept of “The Holy Lie”. What is it?  It is fraud perpetrated for the sake of achieving a pious end.   The end in this case is any result that would force others to be in alignment with the perpetrator’s religious beliefs–to force others to act in a way that the perpetrator wants them to.  Simply put, the end justifies the means and the end is to get his or her way.

This concept has existed in many different religions and philosophies in human history.  There are examples of it in the Bible1, in paganism2, in Confucianism3, in Greek philosophy4, in India’s caste system5, and “Taqqiya” in Islam6.  I am giving you these many examples from around the world and from different times so that you do not misunderstand what I am about to say.

Let’s take for instance State Legislator Russell Pearce, architect of the now infamous SB1070 law.  I’ve covered this character on several occasions to include his creation of and backing of legalized bigotry, his association with Neo-Nazi’s, his ties to PACS and questionable funding, his desire to eliminate the citizenship clause in the 14th Amendment, etc, etc, etc…..but his chicanery by no means ends there.

Sen. Pearce is the subject of a recall election and he has been working as hard as he can to avoid being removed from office.  First, Sen. Pearce filed an almost pathetic attempt to block the petitions needed to ask the Governor to order a recall election.   It failed because the language that Pearce was objecting to wasn’t written by the petitioners but by the Secretary of State and had no bearing on the petition.  Second, there was underhanded behavior with the posting of signs by his supporters BEFORE they were legally allowed to be posted.  Third, there were signs posted slandering and attacking the organizer of the recall effort.  The local Tea Party was behind the posting of these signs and they were court ordered to remove them.  Fourth, Pearce has also had some dealings with out of state, Tea Party backed PACs in a desperate attempt to shore up funds.  After all, he’s not just running to keep his seat, he has to destroy his enemies too and that’s takes cash and lots of it.

The latest shenanigans reaches a new low, however.  There are ? candidates running in Legislative District 18 election and one of them, Olivia Cortes is a complete newcomer.  This is not, in and of itself, newsworthy.  What is newsworthy are the following facts.

  1. Ms. Cortes is a member of the same LDS congregation where Sen. Pearce serves as a Bishop
  2. Ms. Cortes has not been seen, although she does check out as a real person, and has refused all requests by the media for an interview or statement
  3. Supporters of Sen. Pearce circulated and went door to door getting petition signatures to allow Ms. Cortes on the ballot
  4. WHILE getting signatures on said petitions the Pearce supporters were recorded as saying “signing Cortes petition would actually help Pearce get reelected by diverting or diluting the vote.”7 This was also reported during testimony given during a hearing seeking to block Cortes’ candidacy.
  5. During a legislative district meeting Pearce supporters openly admitted that they were circulating the Cortes petition while openly supporting Pearce.  Other pols were actually shocked and told them that it was wrong and amounted to Cortes being a sham candidate.  These pols are Pearce’s own GOP colleagues admonishing his supporters….

What all this adds up to is a “shill candidate”.  The Court decided to let Cortes remain on the ballot because 1) some people had already voted and 2) there wasn’t enough time to reprint and re-mail ballots.  Pearce and the East Valley Tea Party recruited a Hispanic female in a cynical attempt to distract voters and split up a potential voting bloc.  Sen. Pearce’s supporters have openly testified in court and admitted to their GOP colleagues that they are putting up this sham candidate on purpose and they feel no compunction.  After all they believe their cause is worthy.  What does subverting democracy matter when they have such a noble purpose, to keep Russell Pearce in office.  Who cares if he is a bigoted, lying, autocratic, and slimy asshole.  He’s their asshole and by golly, it’s okay to lie for him.

I say if it smells like a dead fish, looks like a dead fish and lays there like a dead fish, it’s not only a Holy Lie, its a Holy Mackerel of a Lie.


1.   Rahab lies and is praised for it in Joshua 2:4-6
2.   the neophyte is tricked with “magic” and then lead to the Truth afterwards
3.   Confucius explains that to be “straight” or honorable, a father will cover for his son and a son would cover for his father
4.   In Plato’s Republic he posits that a justly stratified society could be achieved by the use of noble lie, the lie that everyone was created by God and therefore pre-destined to be in their particular level of society
5.  Nietzsche felt that people fell into a natural order of stratification and that the Indian caste system was a “holy lie”, an artifice, that served a useful purpose by giving an explanation and authority to the natural order of man.
6.  Taqqiya is practiced in Shi’a Islam and allows them to conceal their religion when they are under threat, persecution or compulsion.  This may be misinterpreted by many to include the use of a lie to further their political ends although originally it was certainly only intended to protect the faithful from persecution and martyrdom.  It may also be misused by Islamic extremists.  Any excuse for violence….


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