Hippy Punching

Posted: October 6, 2011 in The Economy, The Media
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On one of the many blogs I read someone mentioned that the supposedly liberal press, ie, NPR, had not yet done a story on the Occupy Wall Street protests.  So yesterday as I am driving to work they finally do a story on it and what do you think they focus on?  The story centered on the democratized way in which the group communicates because the police will not allow them the use of bullhorns.  It was an interesting piece overall but I was actually shocked that they didn’t address what the protest was about, how it was spreading around the country, etc, etc. It was essentially a fluff piece that focused more on how different the protesters are (in appearance, the reporter snickered at their dress and their purple hair) than the rest of us.  There was one statement by the Director of Communications for the protest, an ex-Marine, forgive me for I can’t remember his name….anyway he said their goal was to basically overthrow the current system.  Great, you get one quote and it’s a wackaloon talking about overthrowing the government.  How about the REAL goal of the movement?  How about finding out what that is?  Nah, that would be too much like journalism.

Today, it appears that NPR is finally giving some decent coverage to what the Protest is REALLY all about….the way in which the top 1%, as represented by Wall Street, has bankrupted the country in order to line their pockets.  Hippy punch all you want MSM, but I think this protest and the movement behind it is very, very real.  People are hurting and they’ve had enough.  Let’s hope the MSM pays attention and does more than just report a bunch of dirty, quirky hippies protesting and focus on the issues that really matter to the other 99% of us.


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