What would America be without taxes?

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Tea Party
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If I hear another conservative genius bitch about paying taxes I think my head is going to explode. Here’s the perfect illustration of that “cognitive dissonance”.

What our taxes pay for

The Sidewalk they Protest on is Paid for by TAXES! Idjits!

What countries don’t have any income taxes? Mostly oil rich autocratic kingdoms/nations like Brunei, Oman, etc. AND for those that don’t fit into this category…Bahamas, Monaco, etc., they are tiny little nations that depend almost exclusively on tourism. I’m pretty sure that model won’t work in a country as big and diverse as the U.S.

  1. alopecia says:


    “Zero taxes” reads the sign held by the older woman on the public sidewalk. Wonder if she likes receiving a check in the mail every month from the Social Security Administration? And does she think she’d survive more than hours in a zero-tax, zero-government environment?

    “Cut taxes not defense” reads the sign held by the middle-aged woman standing on the curb of the public street. Wonder if she thinks she could get along just fine without clean drinking water or (relatively) breatheable air? And what does she think the military is defending, beyond her First Amendment right to prove to the rest of us that she’s not a very deep thinker?

    “Stop taxing us” reads the sign held, apparently, by the older man standing on the public sidewalk. Wonder if he’d prefer to do without his VA medical benefits? And just what other benefits would he be willing to give up in exchange for not being taxed?

    Self-awareness? What’s that?

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