Deficit Concern Trolls

Posted: September 26, 2011 in The Economy
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HT Bob Cesca and his Awesome Blog

Isn’t it HI-LARIOUS how conservatives suddenly became concerned about debt and the deficit as soon as Pres. Obama was elected?  I mean, even before the poor man was sworn into office, they were shouting from the rooftops about it.  They’ve used it time and time again to shackle any attempts to stimulate the economy.  They’ve used it to grind any Congressional business from actually happening.  Here’s the REALLY funny thing…..when Republican presidents were in office…..their attitude was “meh”. And to add icing to our ironic cake, the MSM isn’t bothering to report any of this information.  They just have a bunch of so-called pundits, bemoaning the death of America due to debt (cue scary background music).    This chart tells the TRUE tale:

Who Increased the Debt?

Who Increased the Debt?


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