What goes around, comes around

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Andrew Thomas, Arizona Politics, AZ Assholes, Criminal in AZ, Elections, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tea Party

Well slap me silly but it seems that Karma may actually exist, at least somewhat.  Andrew Thomas, former Maricopa County Attorney and conservative ideologue, is fighting for his professional life this week.  The Arizona Bar is holding a hearing on very serious ethics violations.

The long and sordid tale of his many transgressions has been unfolding since Monday. With more than 80 witnesses set to take the stand, the ethics panel contends that Thomas and two of his Deputies

….engaged in criminal conduct and that, despite conflicts of interest, they filed civil and criminal cases against political rivals solely to embarrass or burden them.

I’ve written before about how Thomas and his fellow self-aggrandizing ideologue, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, used their positions to harass and strongarm anyone in Arizona who got in their way and how far too much money and time were wasted in their personal grudge fest fight with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  Well, apparently the state bar association thinks that too, even going so far as to say that Thomas engaged in “a criminal act”.

While I think that Thomas will, in the end, face debarment, I don’t think he will ever be prosecuted criminally.  Why?  Because this is Arizona and conservatives have blanketed the power structure like flies on a turd.  The current County Attorney is Bill Montgomery.  With an impressive resume (graduate of West Point, bronze star for combat operations in Desert Storm, and service within the County Attorney’s office for several years before running for the top  position) he looks good on paper.

Only problem is, Montgomery was handpicked and supported by Arpaio with a ton of cash and ads, and he formerly worked for Thomas.  In fact, the AZ Elections Commission ruled that many of the ads paid for by Arpaio on his behalf were illegal.  That didn’t matter though because the election had already been run and Montgomery’s opponent’s good name was already smeared.  If Bill Montgomery saw nothing wrong with accepting Arpaio’s money and illegal acts to get elected, I don’t think he’ll do anything to reprimand Thomas.

See that’s how it works in AZ.  If you piss off the wrong people, regardless of whether you might be in the right, those guys will come after you and make you rue the day you were born.  Sort of like the mafia, really.  I won’ t be holding my breath waiting for Bill Montgomery to prosecute Andrew Thomas.

There’s always the Feds right?  Well, the Feds have supposedly been investigating Arpaio since 2008 or 2009 with no real (or at least publicly reported) progress.   In spite of the investigation Arpaio and Thomas continued their chicanery in plain view for the last few years.  In the mean time the lives of many people were ruined such as  County Board Supervisor Don Stapely, Rose Wilcox and others.

However, a lack of movement to the public eye doesn’t mean the Feds are not doing anything…it may just mean that the Feds are keeping their cards close to their vest.  A wise thing to do considering how vindictive Arpaio can be.  How vindictive and childish can he be?  Let me tell you…..he has actually formed a “posse” of elderly volunteers* to investigate the truth about President Obama’s birth certificate.  A matter that has been considered solved for some time now.  Why is he picking on Pres. Obama?  Because Arpaio knows that Don Stapely personally appealed to the President to investigate Arpaio and it only this year, after that appeal, that we started to see some real movement in the federal investigation.

The Sheriff has cajones big enough to think that he could actually intimidate President Obama by using this supposed “posse”.  In all honesty, the only thing this posse of elderly pseudo-deputies could intimidate would be the early-bird special at the Coco’s in Sun City.

Unfortunately we still don’t know the outcome of the Federal investigation into Arpaio or if there will actually be any outcome.  Ultimately I think that if something isn’t done, a great injustice will have taken place.  But that’s nothing new for Arizona.  After all, Thomas will at worst be prohibited from practicing law again.  He will still have the admiration of his conservative friends in high places, his wealth, and his privilege.

Although my prognosis sounds gloomy….I am still grateful that the AZ Bar Association is willing to stand up to this pair of mini-dictators and that Thomas is getting a little of what he gave out.  Rule of law, indeed.








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