Death, they name is Apathy

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Disgusted in AZ, Fearful in AZ, Ooga Booga, Personal, Sad in AZ
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I’ve been a horrible blogger lately.  I’ve been struggling with my depression and one of the aspects of it is a horrible apathy regarding everything that used to give me pleasure.   Of course, blogging was one of the few activities that I do for myself and no one else.  I work to provide for family–if I was alone, I’d do something that I loved for a living and wouldn’t care how much money I made.  I cook to feed them–if it was just me, I wouldn’t bother cooking meals.   I could list a million things I do for OTHER people that I would rather not do.  However, blogging is all mine.  And its the first thing to go when I get depressed.

I’m not completely apathetic though.  I’m still up on the news, reading other blogs daily that I admire or at least enjoy to some extent.  Lately current events knowledge is feeding my depression unfortunately.   The Blue Dog Democrats joining with Republican members of Congress to block or break apart the President’s jobs proposal is so disappointing but at the same time, I can’t say I didn’t expect it (John Cole from Ballo0n Juice had a wonderfully snarky post about it last week).

So fuck it. Why should I put myself through this again? I’m tapping out. Someone else can deal with this clusterfuck, because I’ll be watching NFL. I’ve already told you what is going to happen- use this post as a check list (I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I am wrong). I honestly don’t know why anyone wants Obama’s job.

I am beginning to think that John and I were separated at birth (Don’t worry, John, the closest to stalking I get is reading and commenting on your blog :). Seriously though that’s how I feel.  Just fuck it.

Then yesterday someone that I love dearly…someone who drives me absolutely nuts and who I can’t live without, emailed me some tripe from some preacher/grifter/faith healer asshat talking about how Pres. Obama is lying about his “real” religious beliefs and how he is the greatest danger to America ever!  Ooga Booga, indeed.

For giggles, I will post the original email I received and my response back to the sender, who I am sure did not read it.  And if she did, I’m sure it did not change her original position one whit.  To her that ‘Pres. Obama is dangerous, dangerous, I say!” *  I did not dare confront her with the fact that if rational thought did not persuade her then her judgment might be made based on other, less savory kinds of ideas like bigotry.  No, that was a bridge too far for me.

As you will see from my next post,  ‘I’m not dead yet’**.  Bear with me until I get my throttle unstuck.


*Foghorn Leghorn voice implied here

**Obligatory Monty Python reference


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