The Ninth Circuit affirmed a previous District Court’s ruling that Arizona could not deny health care benefits to the same-sex partners of public employees.  The ruling boils down to two major points. First, Gov. Brewer claimed to have denied the benefits as a cost saving measure to address the state’s deficit in spite of the fact that the Governor’s Office had NO IDEA how much money was being spent and therefore how much would be saved.  So the court called “bullshit” on that excuse.  Second, even if AZ had been able to show specific figures how much they planned to save, the court reminded Gov. Brewer that she couldn’t just target a specific, protected group like LGBT’s and expect it to be Constitutional.

Obviously there’s a pattern to Gov. Brewer’s “cost cutting” measures.  It started several years ago with this denial of health care benefits (that was thankfully stopped via an injunction).  However, the Governor has learned from the system.  Now she and her AZGOP buddies aren’t targeting protected groups…they are targeting the poor, the physically and mentally ill, and immigrants.  That’s not to say there haven’t been law suits.  Of course, there have been.  Even if these groups aren’t protected by the Equal Protection clause, they still have legal recourse.  So Gov. Brewer has been wielding her budget cutting hatchet against the most vulnerable in our state and touting the savings while ignoring the cost in time and resources she spends to defend her hideous decisions not to mention ignoring the blood on her hands from lives ruined and, yes, even lives lost. *

Gov. Brewer’s budgeting ideas have ALWAYS targeted to most vulnerable in AZ. After all, shooting sitting ducks is just too easy.


*This is what she did when refusing to pay for life-saving Organ Transplants. However, in that case she knew exactly how much would be saved….only a pittance toward the state’s deficit. She was later able to use the still living patients (two died during the payment moratorium) as hostages when she requested a waiver from the Dept of Health and Human Services to modify Medicaid requirements. The waiver was granted.  The irony was that Sibelius said that Brewer didn’t really need their permission, and so the hostages were unnecessary to begin with.  Recently Brewer, with waiver in hand, has denied Medicaid coverage to about 200,000 childless adults and about 5,000 seriously mentally ill patients. So when and if Loughner (Rep. Gifford’s shooter) ever gets released, he can wander around AZ without treatment.

  1. alopecia says:

    The GOP’s budgeting ideas have ALWAYS targeted the most vulnerable.

    Fixed that for you.

    As for Jared Lee Loughner, he certainly should not be allowed to go homeless and untreated if he is released; rather, I propose that he should become Jan Brewer’s housemate. I think they deserve each other.

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