Chickens Finally Coming Home?

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Elections, The Economy
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According to a recent poll conducted between Aug. 18-22 approval of Congress is down to 12% due to the recent wrangling over how to handle the debt ceiling.  I don’ t know if it has ever been as low as that before.  This is amazing because 12% is usually the number that people cite as being the percentage of any population that are totally batshit crazy or completely uninformed (and oft-times both).  So whenever I see a poll that is for or against something, I usually take a + or – 12% off for the loonies and dummies.

However, if only 12% approve of Congress then we’re probably looking at something closer to a 0% approval rating, which boggles the mind.  This could be good or bad for both of the parties if you think about it.  Since the GOP controls the House and the Dems control the Senate (but just barely, I might add), its more important to look at how people perceive their individual reps and senators.

Those stats are grim as well.  Respondents to the poll indicated that they weren’t just angry at Congress as a whole but they are just as mad at their individual representatives.  Incumbents should be worried, very, very worried.  I’m all for some serious change in Congress but I would hate to see change simply for its sake.  I would rather see some smart change so that we get new members that are not only responsive to their constituents but also are free from the influence of the big lobbying groups (i.e., Wall Street Banks and Investment Houses, NRA, Koch Bros funded groups, etc).

These stats will set a path to victory for 2012 campaigners who can navigate the voters desire for change along with their desire for improvements in our economy.  It will be a tough road to hoe for any incumbents, even President Obama.  The only thing that remains to be seen is if the President can show himself as being responsible but not ineffectual while at the same time disavowing his involvement in the stalemate that gripped Congress.  He may have to completely separate himself from Congressional reps in his own party in order to achieve this.  The President has plenty of footage of his trying to compromise with the other party and even conservatives in his own party.  Unfortunately American political memory is far too limited.

Let’s hope the chickens that come home to roost make it to the correct hen houses.




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