GOT Season 1 Review: Ep. 3

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Entertainment, Personal, Television
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Season 1, Episode 3 “Lord Snow”

SPOILER WARNING!!!! SPOILER WARNING!!!! If you haven’t read the first three or four books, there are spoilers below!


Without going into great detail, I just wanted to highlight the things that stood out the most during this Episode entitled, “Lord Snow”.

First the scene in the throne room at King’s Landing between Jamie Lannister and Ned Stark was outstanding.  The polish actor who plays Jamie intimated a lot more than just sneering animosity.  Jamie said that stabbing mad King Aerys in the back “felt like justice” after having seen Ned’s father and brother slowly burned to death in front of the entire court.  Ned responded with something like, “Is that what you tell yourself”.  Jamie reacted with a wince so slight that it was mostly an eye twitch but it was clear that Ned’s retort stung.  It gives some dimension to what would otherwise be a very simplistic character.  And this complexity will help explain some important changes that Jamie will undergo later in the series.

We are introduced to Sam, an important new character.  We see Tyrion’s character develop in the episode as well as Robb Stark begin to take on the role of Lord of Winterfell.  And let’s not forget one of my favorite’s Arya, who begins to learn to dance like a Braavosi with her sword, Needle.

Overall this episode is beginning an arc of development for all of the younger characters.

That’s all for now.


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