Every day is Christmas Eve

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Personal

I was having a serious talk with my boyfriend the other day about my daughter and how spoiled she is.  I related a story of how my sisters, the twins, would always find their Christmas presents and open them beforehand so they could see what they were getting.  They would open mine as well.  Then they would carefully re-wrap them and put them back so our Mother wouldn’t know.

Up until Christmas morning I would have to fight the urge to ask them to tell me and if they were feeling particularly cruel, they would just blurt it out.  It was cruel to tell me because I loved the anticipation of Christmas morning.  Indeed, for me, the best part is the anticipation of the event, not the event itself.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy having the actual gifts, but the fact that I have something to look forward to brightens every day that comes before.

My daughter on the other hand hates the anticipation of a birthday or Christmas or any big event on the horizon.  She just wants it to be here, to be now so badly that by the time she gets to the big day or the big thing, its anticlimactic for her.  I’ve been trying to impart to her the approach of enjoying the anticipation and letting it give her a kind of zen like calm instead of anxiety or worry.  She hasn’t quite mastered it and I’m not entirely sure she understands what I’m trying to tell her.  Obviously she is only 8 and has quite a lot of opportunities to practice this behavior before she finally, really gets it.

The best should always be yet to come and your days should be filled with anticipation and hope for the future.  So live every day as if it is Christmas Eve.


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