Just Say Yes

Posted: August 10, 2011 in The Economy
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Rachel Maddow had a segment on tonight* with a brilliant idea that she read about  on Steve Benen’s blog site (Political Animal of The Washington Monthly).  It boils down to this, the White House should say “yes” to the 600 requests for stimulus funds it received from various Congressional Republicans over the last couple of years.

By granting these requests the Administration would be accomplishing some simply wonderful things.

1.  It would show just what a bunch of hypocrits the Republicans are for calling the Stimulus Bill “job killing” while at the same time begging for and receiving funds that directly create jobs from said bill.

2.  It would create jobs and help the economy out.

3.  It would provide yet more proof for idiots that need it that in cases of severe economic downturns where unemployment is high, consumer spending is down,  and interests rates are low the only entity big enough to stimulate the economy is the Government through an injection of money to create JOBS.  BTW, jobs are exactly what the American people are begging for and exactly what the government has NOT given them.

4.  It would be the kind of thing that would garner national media attention because one of the Presidential candidates, Michelle Bachmann, is on the list.


*Segment is not posted online but as soon as I find it, I will post it.  She also mentioned a list of the Republicans that I am trying to find and will post it here. 


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