Did you notice that Mitt Romney had $3 million donated^ to his presidential campaign the other day by companies that were formed  expressly to donate money beyond the individual limit of $2500 as required by campaign finance law?  If you didn’t, you should have.

You also should have noticed that what made these donations possible was a recent ruling by  the conservative-leaning Supreme Court, nicknamed Citizens United — aka,CITIZENS UNITED v. FEDERAL ELECTION COMM’N ( No. 08-205 ) .  And yes it made the news but how many news articles mention Citizens United in their write up?  How many journalists connect the dots for the reader?  Not enough of them.  Indeed, according to the Mainstream Media the controversy is “over“.*  I mean if a candidate says its over, the journalist nowadays just accept that.  Good thing they didn’t take that passive stance during Watergate or any number of political shenanigans that happened before Saint Ronnie Raygun blessed the Oval Office with his presence.  My goodness, if they actually still continued to engage in real journalism, can you imagine where our country would be?!**

But I digress….Citizens United and the resulting donations are only the latest salvo in a war–a war by the top 1% in the U.S. against the other 99%.  Call it class warfare if you must, but only insofar as you understand that we liberals acknowledge a war is occurring but that it is a war being raged against the middle and lower classes by the rich (and NOT the other way around).  What is so tragic about it is that the average American is not only unable to see a pattern, they can’t see even see many of paint splotches.  For most the biggest news item to cross their consciousness was the the bank bailout that occurred at the end of Pres. Bush’s and the beginning of Pres. Obama’s presidencies.

The bank bailout created a lot of hostility among the American people against the Federal Government but not necessarily against the big banks and investment firms where it belongs.  And even that wasn’t enough to push the masses to really DO anything about it.    Meanwhile corporate tax cuts that began during the Reagan Administration has government revenues reduced to historical lows reducing services that the middle and lower classes have come to depend on.  Indeed, from the perspective of those who HAVE been paying attention:

Tax cuts have coincided with record deficits, record debt, lower worker wages, stagnant middle class incomes, high unemployment, the loss of eight million jobs, a housing crisis, a massively deep recession, corporate scandals, and the possibility of another recession.  — Bob Cesca

Combine this dismal economic record with two wars (three or four if you count Libya and covert action within Pakistan, and that’s a whole ‘nother conversation) that has exploded the military-industrial complex, which in turn allowed corporate America to dig its claws further into the Government’s power structure and vital organs and the pattern becomes much more obvious.

And now that it is obvious to me and it may be creeping into the consciousness of the less politically astute, is it too late?  I think so.  If you’re actually noticing the signs of an establishing plutarchy, the democracy that might have saved you is already too far gone to recover.





**Yes, I weep just thinking about all the missed opportunities for the 4th Estate to protect us from our own ignorance.  In recent memory the only debacle sufficient to give them praise for, and the praise is limited to only a subset of the profession even in this instance, was the way in which Sarah Palin was exposed as an uneducated, power hungry, narcissistic grifter.




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