In Hot Water

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Personal

The water heater has been acting up lately. We’ve had just enough water to last one shower or one load of dishes, but that’s it.  Day before yesterday there was no hot water at all and I had to take a cold shower in the morning and give the poor baby a cold bath that evening.  That night I checked the circuits and reset the circuit for the water heater.  Lo and behold I had hot water the next morning for my shower BUT the stupid shower handle is jerryrigged with a screw and washer.

As a result I had water so hot that I could barely stand it an I couldn’t adjust the water to be cooler.   The hot  water soon ran out and I finished my shower with cold water.  Needless to say, I am irritated and ending up scalded and then cold. Something is tripping the water heater electrical circuit which causes it to stop functioning.  That is a problem.  Not to mention the fact that even when it is functioning it should be able to handle more than one shower or one load of dishes.  So that’s another problem.

I hate renting because I now have to report the problem to my landlord and wait.  However if I owned the house I’d be too poor to even hire someone to look at the stupid thing.  On second thought maybe I am better off letting the landlord deal with the technical and economic details…..even if it means waiting for several days or even weeks to get some hot water.  At least it is still blazing hot here in AZ so hot water isn’t incredibly necessary……yet.

  1. alopecia says:

    Not having hot water just plain sucks.

    If the circuit breaker for the water heater is tripping, you could have a serious problem and should tell your landlord about it in apocalyptic terms (use the expression “electrical fire” at least twice). If it’s not the breaker, it’s probably the heater itself; not necessarily as dangerous, but still irritating.

    If you aren’t terrified of electricity *and have done this sort of thing before* (seriously, now is not the time to learn by doing), follow the first couple of instructions here and see what you can see:

    (Wow, that is a lot of ‘ifs.’)

    Good luck.

  2. drangedinaz says:

    Alo, thanks for the advice. I called the landlord up again on Friday and used “electrical fire” one during the message I left. I didn’t hear back until late yesterday that the maintenance guy wouldn’t be around until early Monday morning. For now I just periodically go out and flip the circuit breaker to ensure that it is all the way on and I seem to have hot water. That’s all I feel comfortable doing (I was once electrocuted by a vacuum cleaner cord so I have healthy respect for electricity).

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