And so it goes

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Personal

So the last official day of my vacation starts in less than two hours.  Let me recap the last two days.  Friday I went in to the Gym that I had joined the day previous for my first full work out. Liam who usually loves everyone and is almost always a ray of sunshine was having none of it. He didn’t want to be in the kid’s play area and if he had to be, he’d rather be chasing his older sister around.  But he couldn’t quite keep up with the limitation of crawling and all.  So the cardio portion of my workout was interrupted once and my sit ups interrupted the second time before I finally threw in the towel and retrieved the kids from child care.

We  then went back to Chuck E Cheese’s, which I now regard as  the most heinous place on earth.  My daughter quickly spent her tokens and managed to get the following for the about bazillion dollars I spent:  a)  1 plastic whoopee cushion that she has failed to use b) a plastic top that you spin 3) a 10 inch long ball point pin with Chuck’s ugly mug all over it and 4) a build a necklace bead kit that makes maybe one or two necklaces or three bracelets.

Friday night I was pretty depressed. A week full of battling my daughter on everything from potty issues (don’t even ask) to what she will/will not eat had caught up to me.  My son is becoming increasingly difficult as all toddlers tend to do–he has finally learned to say Mama but he is also learning to say the N sound and he’s saying it in conjunction with what he doesn’t want to do–the NO word is soon to follow.

Saturday started good….up early as always but was able to nap once Liam’s father stopped by to pick him up. Followed that up with some quality time with Meghan swimming and working on a dinosaur excavation project (there’s little kits you can buy that come with buried dino bones and little hammer, chisel, brush and protective eyewear included).  We extracted all the bones so maybe we can put the T-Rex together tomorrow.

Meghan went to a party in the afternoon and took the opportunity to get a massage (I had some credits and a gift card to use so no $ spent on that), a pedicure (that did cost me but my feet were very gnarly), and some errands to include returning some clothes that didn’t fit (evidently XL at The Sports Authority means XL for midgets).

By that time I’d developed a cold sore the size of a dinner plate on my lip (stress + sun exposure at Wet N Wild on Wed caused) and I’d received a call from Liam’s father (let’s call him A.) that the baby was whining incessantly and could he please bring him back home.  After fighting the urge to weep copiously I called A. back and suggested some things to try and some coping mechanisms to utilize.  A.  managed to get the baby happy and I continued about my day.

I made it home about 1/2 an hour before Meghan returned from her party.  She burst into the house wanting to play a dinosaur battle Wii game that her grandmother had bought her (probably the millionth dollar spent on the child this year…nothing is too expensive for her grandmother to buy in order to appease the bottomless pit of consumerist need that is my daughter).  Blessedly we only had one nun-chuck and she had to kill dinos all on her own while I watched. Actually I would have enjoyed playing the game but she gets far too competitive for my liking.  It’s easier to watch and praise her acumen and skill than to compete with her.

Now I’m off to bed.  If I sound  bitter its because I am overly tired and have had a couple of glasses of red wine.  I should get to sleep in until at least 7:45 am when my daughter insists that we have to get up to go to the gym. She really likes the play area.   C’est la vies!


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