Not so lazy days

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Personal

So far this week has been a busy vacation.  I may need to go back to work to get some rest.  Monday we went to Chuck E Cheese’s where my daughter ran wild spending my money like paper and eating bad pizza whilst I tried to entertain the baby on silly choo choo rides and short slides.  Needless to say Meghan enjoyed herself but it wasn’t enough time for her.  Of course, she could spend an entire day there and I would rather shoot myself.  We went swimming in the late afternoon when the sun was low enough for the pool to be mostly in shade.  Even then the water was a  toasty 92 degrees.

Tuesday we went swimming in the middle of the day but the baby tired of it quickly (again too soon for Meghan’s liking).  It was blazing hot and bright–his poor little skin can’t really handle it (nor can mine).  However, she was pleased enough to go to the Mall where she ate more bad pizza.  We walked around and I let her talk me into getting her a Smurfette at the Build a Bear shop.  Today she asked me who my favorite Smurf was.  Can you guess what my answer was?*  Bed Bath & Body was having a sale (when are they not?)  We needed shower gel and lotion anyway so I let her pick out some scents that she liked.  Like most little girls she loves all things flowery but she doesn’t consider the fact that she and I are both allergic to most things floral.  So it ended up being a negotiation that resulted in some things that she liked and some that I liked.

Also during our mall trip, Liam had his first experience playing in one of those kid areas.  You know the ones with he spongy floors and miniature shiny plastic forms. This one had a lifeboat,  bridge, car, fire truck reduced down  to kid size.   Oddly enough other items were blown up to massive proportions a fire hydrant, a butterfly and a flower were all huge.   The baby was tentative at first, crawling a little ways watching the kids running amok but his sister picked him up like a too heavy bag of flour and took him over to the lifeboat where he was thrilled to stand and lean against the side, turning his adorable winning smile on two cute toddler girls who were hanging out in the lifeboat.  He thought he’d accomplished the coolest thing ever.    Again Liam tired quickly.  Meghan took to playing with some other kids–all of them over the limit of 48 inches but what are you gonna do?  I fed and changed Liam while she played and, of course, I made her leave before she wanted to.

Unfortunately for me leaving the mall went badly when Meghan began to complain about how I “never let her do ANYTHING that she wants”.  After having let her get a stupid blue Smurf doll, letting her play in an area she was too big for, after letting her buy some fancy soap (and looking at dogs in the pet store, and getting a milk shake, and eating more bad pizza, etc, etc)….you can imagine how I felt about her statement.  She received a ton of scorn and a lecture about being a spoiled brat that reduced her to tears and left her sullen until we arrived home.  A swim in the pool as the sun set greatly improved everyone’s mood and prepped Liam for bed nicely.

Today Meghan and I went to Wet N Wild while Liam visited with his father.  We spent from about 11:45 until 5:15 at the park.  We did the Lazy River twice, the wave pool innumerable times, the Roller Coaster, the stomach down race thing at least 3 times  (can’t remember its name), a completely tunnelled one that surprised me how dark it was, and one that was a four seater emptying out into a conical slide that narrowed and then dropped us almost vertical into a tube. On this last one, the two adults were on one side of the raft which was not a good idea and I swore we were going to tip over. I envisioned the two little girls on the other side flying through the air like bad movie stunt dummies flung in the sky.  Fortunately, the only thing that happened was I lost my favorite baseball cap (which was returned to me a short time later).  Next time I have to remember to balance the weight on the slide better.  Again she ate more bad pizza.  And  lest you think I am the worst mother on the planet for eating pizza all the time, you should know that her eating habits have been this bad since she was 16 months old and its her stupid pediatricians’ fault.**

Tomorrow I get a little break from the kids and will probably get a pedicure.  All that water, sun, cement and chlorine really does a number on your feet.  Then on Friday we’ll probably go bowling and Saturday roller skating.  Come Sunday night, I will be exhausted but happy that I spent such an adventurous week with the kids.  It is my first vacation with them and I wanted it to be something other than ordinary, even if it was a “staycation”.

*Without using any curse words, I told her that I did not have a favorite Smurf character.  Sadly the movie will come out this Friday and I will probably be stuck going to see it with her.  Maybe I can talk her into going to see Captain America instead.  At least there he’s no just blue, but red and white too (and smoking hot!).

**At 16 months she decided that she didn’t like fruit and vegetables and only wanted bread, cheese and meat.  I complained to the pediatrician who said ‘let her eat what she wants, she’ll start eating more stuff eventually’. So every trip to the doctor I would tell them how horrible her diet was and I would  fret over whether I should force her to eat healthier and they kept saying, ‘no let her choose what she wants and she’ll be fine’.  Well she’s 8 now and she still eats horribly.  I don’t have her 24/7 so I can’t control what she eats when she is with her father.  When she is with me I try to ensure that she gets vegetables, healthy meats, some starches and I normally limit pizza intake. This week is an exception to my normal rule of pizza only once a week.  I still hate her diet and I still fret over it but her doctor’s keep saying, ‘she’ll come around eventually’.  I think they’re wrong and I think it stunted her growth.  I seriously want to sue them all.  Jackasses.

  1. alopecia says:

    For what it’s worth, this non-parent doesn’t think you sound like the worst mother on the planet. Your pediatrician is right, Meghan’s eating habits will likely come around eventually. If you have the time (ha!), space and inclination, a veggie garden—peas, beans, tomatoes, some herbs, nothing exotic, nothing high-maintenance—might help her make the transition from eating bad pizza: freshly-picked produce just plain tastes better and helping to grow things could get her interested. (Or it could waste your time and trigger your allergies.)

    And the Smurfs movie has Neil Patrick Harris in it, so it gets at least a couple of awesome points, right?

  2. drangedinaz says:

    Hey Alo! I tried the garden thing but no dice. She loved to plant them, water them, pick them but no way in hell would she eat them. If I let her live to be 18 I hope her stubbornness comes in handy in some positive way. Thanks for the suggestions though.

    Neil Patrick Harris….who woulda thunk it? Right?

  3. alopecia says:

    Dang, the kid’s a hard case. Not even cherry tomatoes right off the plant? *shakes head in disbelief* All you can do is give her time to come around, I guess (no way am I going to suggest you tell her that supermodels live on celery sticks and caffeine).

    Apart from being a very good actor with great comic timing (who’s not afraid to work—check out his IMDb page:, NPH is, according to everyone who’s worked with him, a genuinely nice person. And not many actors can claim a range of signature roles from Doogie Howser to Barney Stinson, by way of Dr. Horrible (whenever I need a laugh, I watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, especially Act 1: the last line cracks me up every time). He is, one might say, legen … wait for it … dary!

    • drangedinaz says:

      Yeah, she’s a hard case LOL not even the cherry tomatoes…The three veggies she will eat, sweet peas, broccoli and corn on the cob. The peas and broccoli must be cooked EXACTLY right or she goes into histrionics. I’m thinking of putting her into drama classes.

      In re: to Dr. Horrible, I had to go re-watch that…it’s been soooo long. I just adore Joss Whedon!

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